Silent Birthday (3)

Continued from… Silent Birthday (2)

It must have been before the teen interrupted us that Mister Silent turned my chair and started hitting my already sensitive pussy with the flogger. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. In fact, I actually liked it, because even though he used a heavy flogger, he didn’t hit that hard and it sort of soothed my pussy. I could almost not handle to be touched anymore, but the flogger was a good feeling. Mister Silent made me turn around to face him. I lay down across two chairs. He continued to flog my pussy but then kneeled between my legs and sucked my clitoris. I moaned and enjoyed, but had no more orgasms. I cannot remember which number we have reached by then, but I do remember that I told the men again that I don’t have much left in me. I was just too tired.

It was time to turn the tables. Mister Silent dropped his pants and told me to kneel between his legs. I took him in my mouth, using my hand and my mouth as I normally do, but soon he pushed my hand away. I was to use only my mouth. What followed was something I had not expected. He pushed his hands into my hair and then forced my mouth over his cock, pushing my nose against his stomach. I fought him when I started to gag. His strong hands held me down and then, a fraction of a second later he let go and I could breathe again. He did this a couple of times, and every time I fought him when I started to gag.
“Do you still think I’m kind?” he asked.
Since I had his cock in my mouth, I made a sound that should have sounded like ‘yes’.
“I don’t hear you.”
“Yes,” I said, and then continued to suck.
I quickly caught on.
“Yes, Mister Silent.”
He did this a couple of times more, asking me whether I still thought of him as a kind man and I confirmed it every time. However, I seem to remember that once I said that I thought he was being a little bit unkind, and then he forced my face over his cock again, holding me down.

You know what? I enjoyed this. I enjoyed being forced. I didn’t like the gagging one bit, but I enjoyed that Mister Silent did what he wanted and didn’t let me ‘off the hook’ only because I gagged and tears formed in my eyes. Even when I started complaining about my legs and shifted around more and more, he only allowed me to stop when he wanted to stop.

“You know what I like, right?” Mister Silent said.
I was baffled for a couple of second, until he spoke again: “There was one thing we spoke about.”
Immediately I moved my mouth to his balls and sucked and licked them. We had indeed spoken about it and I had asked him if it was a task from his side, but he had said that it was just something he would like. I believe he enjoyed the licking and sucking, but soon he forced my mouth over his cock again. Several times while I was sucking Mister Silent, he pushed his right hand into my dress, grabbed my breast and squeezed. He has such power in his hands and it really hurt, but not in a bad way.
(My breasts, especially the left one that received this treatment more than the right, felt bruised for a couple of days after.)

Sucking Mister Silent

Mister Silent had another idea. He told me to lie across the two chairs and then I had to hang my head over the edge. He wanted me to suck him in that position, but I had the feeling that my back would break. The chair was just too hard for me to get comfortable or on a height where Mister Silent could easily fuck my mouth. We moved to the couches. I put my feet against the wall and hung my head over the edge of the couch. This was the perfect height for me to suck Mister Silent and for him to bend over to suck me. Not the most comfortable sixty-nine position, but it didn’t make it less exciting. Just as we were both getting used to these positions and enjoying the touch of each other’s lips, we detected movement from one of the kids again. Pants were pulled up and my dress down.

I think that’s when we all noticed the time and decided it was time to get to bed. What happened in those three hours was not planned beforehand and never in my wildest dreams had I thought my birthday party would more or less changed into a ‘playdate’ with Mister Silent, but I am damn glad it did. The more I get to know him, the more I like him. Mister Silent and I hugged, we kissed some more and he fingered my already sensitive pussy to three more orgasms. I protested a bit because of the tenderness of my inner flesh, but he talked those orgasms from me.

He’s dominant, that’s for sure. He’s also kind. He dominated me, caused me pain, forced me, but he also kissed me, played his fingers in my hair and hugged me. I love that he kept the balance all through the three hours that he got to use me, and that he made my fiftieth birthday extra special.

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  1. What a wonderful birthday celebration. I love that you had such good time. Oh and that hand forcing you down on his cock – that has made me more than smile.

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