Silent Birthday (2)

Continued from… Silent Birthday (1)

My second and third orgasms followed not long after the first.

The Njoy Eleven and the flogger were still downstairs, but they were not used immediately. Mister Silent still had his fingers inside me. He leaned forward and remarked that he could see ‘me’ much better now than in the restaurant when we had our lunch date. For this he spread my pussy lips before he pushed his fingers back inside me. Soon, I found myself asking for permission for an orgasm again. Fingers were pushed in my mouth, sometimes with my juices on them, other times not. Sometimes only a thumb was in my mouth, other times four fingers, stretching my mouth as much as my cunt was stretched. This was something Master T had never done before, stretching my mouth like this. I liked that Mister Silent had a total different style than Master T. Mister Silent still finger-fucked me, over and over again, and also slipped his hand inside my dress and grabbed my tit real hard. I moaned, but the pain also enhanced my orgasms.

Soon the Njoy Eleven came into play. Mister Silent used the smaller of the two ends – 45mm in diameter – and inserted it into my wetness. It stretched and filled me completely, which is a feeling I really liked and a feeling that brought me to orgasm quite quickly. I didn’t feel only the smaller side of the Eleven. The other side – 51mm in diameter – was used too. Mister Silent pushed the Eleven into my mouth, but I couldn’t handle the bigger side of the two. My mouth just cannot open that far.

While still sitting straight on my chair, Mister Silent pushed a finger in my ass, just keeping it there while he fingered my pussy. Or maybe by then he was already using the Eleven. I cannot remember clearly. He did push two fingers in my ass again later and was careful not to use those same fingers in my cunt again. This is something I am always very nervous of, but when I am ‘too far gone’ I don’t notice these things. However, Master T always keeps an eye on it, as otherwise I will end up with a huge infection.

When I asked for a time-out (I have no idea how long we had been at it by then, but I was tired and my cunt was getting a bit too sensitive), Mister Silent told me to keep the Eleven in my mouth for as long as I wanted the time-out. The moment I took it out, the toy was pushed deep inside me again, bringing me to more orgasms. By then Mister Silent had decided that I should have fifty orgasms, since it was my fiftieth birthday. Sometimes he counted, other times I did. My hands were close to the Eleven all the time. Sometimes I pushed against Mister Silent’s because the Eleven was pounding just a bit too hard, other times I held my pussy open for him to push the toy in.

Some of my orgasms squirted from my body and once Mister Silent rubbed my juices all over my face. Sometimes he fingered me, sometimes he fucked me with the Eleven. All the time Master T took pictures and he even filmed some of what was going on. Mister Silent had this thing of stretching my eyes open and turning my face to the camera for Master T to take a photo. This was a first for me. An interesting first. In the meantime the Njoy Eleven pulled more orgasms from my body and kept on stretching me open. When I looked at the photos afterwards, I saw that my pussy was swollen with the pounding it had received.


It was not always Mister Silent who brought me orgasms with the Eleven. He told me to do it, to fuck myself with the toy. As I did so, my wetness was audible. I angled the Njoy in such a way for it to hit my G-spot, which resulted in some squirting orgasms. While I fucked myself, Master T snapped some more photos and Mister Silent watched, while enjoying a drink. I absolutely love being watched and knowing Mister Silent could see more of me, definitely enhanced all of my feelings of that moment. I can’t wait for the moment that we have a proper playdate, more room around us and less interruptions…

Because yes, somewhere during all this, we were interrupted twice. Once our son came downstairs to get something to drink, and another time our daughter came home from another party she had gone to. Our son just walked into the kitchen, got what he wanted to get and he went back upstairs again. However, our teen daughter took place across from us at the table. She had no idea that by then I wasn’t wearing my knickers and tights anymore, and I was sitting on the Njoy because that was the only way I could hide it from her. The flogger was on the floor at Master T’s feet. Only when Master T told her we still have some things we want to talk about, did she go upstairs.

We continued…

To be continued… Silent Birthday (3)

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