Silent Birthday (1)

Recently I celebrated my fiftieth birthday and where this really is a special age to reach, I normally don’t care about celebrating my birthday at all. However, ever since my forty-ninth birthday, my mom kept on telling me that I have to celebrate my fiftieth birthday, so I started making plans. I wanted to celebrate it not only with mom, kids and my best friend, but also with a selected group of sexy friends. I ended up inviting five sexy friends, two of them Dutch writers whom I have a special bond with, Sophia and her boyfriend (let’s call him Mister D) and of course, I also invited Mister Silent.

After visiting mom in hospital for a couple of hours in the morning, I came home and was ready to receive my guests. By the end of the day our living room was filled with love and laughter and I looked around the circle of people – family and friends – and thought how much each and every one of them meant to me, each in his or her own way. They all make my life richer. As happens with celebrations, people gradually started leaving. By 7pm all family members were gone and only our ‘naughty’ friends were left. The subjects of conversation changed to sexy things, such as writing about sex or using sex toys. I even went to the bedroom to get the Womanizer, the Njoy Eleven and Master T’s kangaroo flogger. I bent over the couch and allowed Mister D to demonstrate the flogger on my bottom. I was even cheeky enough to ask him to hit harder. Mister Silent tried it too and I gladly stood bent over the couch for that.

My two Dutch writer friends left the party. Up to that point I hadn’t gotten the opportunity yet to hug Sophia as she was mostly tucked away in a corner. I was glad when finally, just after dinner, I felt her arms around me and her lips on mine. The men immediately came closer with their cameras, snapping away as Sophia and I almost drowned in each other’s embrace. My knickers and tights were pulled down, my dress up and Sophia kneeled behind me, kissing my bottom while the phone cameras snapped away. We changed places and then both had to bent over while Mister Silent slapped our bottoms and felt how wet we were. Soon after, Sophia and Mister D left as they still had an hour’s drive ahead of them and it was quite late already.

By then I sat between Master T and Mister Silent, at our dining room table. Even though Mister Silent and I had casually touched each other on and off during the afternoon, I didn’t expect anything more than just that to happen. Yes, maybe a kiss and maybe a hug, but certainly not what followed. I really don’t remember the sequence in which all of this happened. I remember how it started. Mister Silent pulled my dress up and my knickers and tights down to my knees. He pushed two fingers into my cunt.
“I noticed Rebel’s wetness earlier. Clearly something or maybe someone excited her enough to make her this wet,” Mister Silent said as he looked at Master T. As his fingers moved inside me, I could hear my own wetness.

Fingered by Mister Silent.
My cunt, Mister Silent’s fingers…

His fingers kept on moving in and out of me. My eyes were closed while I enjoyed the sensations and I felt my first orgasm growing closer.
“May I come?” I asked and looked at Master T.
“Don’t ask me, ask Mister Silent,” he answered.
“May I come? Mister Silent, may I come?” I almost begged.
“No. Hold it. Hold it”
As he spoke those words, he worked his fingers in and out of me.
“Hold it.”
“Hold it!”
And then: “Now! Come!”

I came.

His fingers were still in me, still moving, working towards my next orgasm. At that point I had adjusted my expectation of the rest of the evening, thinking that I would have a couple of orgasms more and then Mister Silent would leave, with the promise of a proper playdate soon.

However… much more than I expected happened after that first orgasm and I remember all of it, but it’s the actual order in which it happened that is blurred.

To be continued… Silent Birthday (2)

© Rebel’s Notes

6 thoughts on “Silent Birthday (1)

  1. Great to celebrate your birthday like that.
    50 is the beginning of enjoying sex at a different level.
    Better and bringing attracties some level more tot enjoy it.
    Did get hard just reading it and I am 57.
    Wish I was there too.

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