Vintage Red

On this day in 2012…
… I posted the second part of a story where I now think that I was raped but back then I just thought it was a bad experience and moved on.

On this day in 2013…
… I posted my answers for the session Molly Moore gave at Eroticon 2013 about the submissive woman and myths around her. It was a great session to attend, and it was Eroticon 2013 that got me hooked on Eroticon. Sadly this year we will not be attending, but we hope to be there again in 2018.

On this day in 2014…
… I posted an image of me in a red ‘half-dress‘, stockings and shoes. This photo session was really a great one and some lovely images had been made that day!

On this day in 2015…
… an image of my ownership tattoo and red nails decorated my blog. I wrote about what my tattoo means to me and why we had it done. I am still very proud of this tattoo, proud to be Master T’s property and am even thinking of beautifying and expanding this tattoo.

On this day in 2016…
… I wrote about erotic self torture. This was about the Womanizer Pro again and how I love to use it to get to an orgasm. Or rather, not to get to an orgasm, because I don’t always have permission for one.

Also on this day in 2016…
… I wrote about the progress of my first book, the different edits I have done and the road ahead to get my book published.

The image from 2014 seemed perfect to re-edit again. I opened it in Photoshop Elements and kept switching between two filters – the overexposed and vintage filters. Eventually I decided to go for the latter, simply because my body seem to ‘pop’ more in this one and the half-dress I am wearing seems more see-through than in the original image or when I use the overexposed filter.

vintage red
I love how striking the red is in this image!

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