Silly Kiss

On this day in 2011…
… still writing about myself in the third person, I wrote about being owned. Back then I found my peaceful place because I was owned by Master T and today it’s still my safe haven, being owned. I cannot imagine my life without being his property.

On this day in 2013…
… I wrote about the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, which was an award that went around at that time. Some other similar memes went around too, acknowledging other bloggers and their work.

On this day in 2014…
… I wrote about pony play for Kink of the week. This was back in the time when Pieces of Jade still did this meme, but in the meantime Molly has taken it over. Back then pony play was not my or our thing, and it still isn’t.

Also on this day in 2014…
… I posted a second post for Molly’s February Photofest. I love that photo and the moment is still so clear in my mind. I had one of my silly moments and kissed Master T right on the tip of his cock, exaggerating a bit. I might have giggled before I did this, or maybe after, and I might have made remarks of it being a tip-top sight. Right at that silly moment, he snapped the image.

On this day in 2015…
… I shared an image from October 2003. This was from one of the earlier series of nudes Master T had made of me. He went to the supermarket earlier that day and bought several kinds of vegetables – one of each. Those vegetables, just like the carrot in this post, all featured in photos that day.

The image I shared for Sinful Sunday on this day in 2016 is still one of my favorites from our hotel stay when we were celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary. I was so damn horny that night!

I chose the image from 2014 because of the fun we had when it was made, and because I wanted to share a different edit of it. At first I used the ‘photo explosion’ edit in Photoshop and then in IrfanView I added a sepia layer to the image. I love that with this edit the focus is on my lips and the tip of his cock. I really like this new edit more than the original, even though the original is damn sexy!

silly kiss
What would life be without fun and silliness, even in serious times?

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