Red Blush

On this day in 2011…
… I wrote about what was on Master T’s mind and believe me, it’s still on his mind. The image he took from the world wide web shows a woman kneeling against a wall and being whipped. Master T still wants to buy a proper bull whip, so who knows, one day this might really happen.

On this day in 2012…
… I posted several images in a ‘movie’ to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We are not big on Valentine’s day, but I do love to make different images to celebrate the day on my blog.

On this day in 2013…
… I celebrated Valentine’s day with bright red nails, just the way i like it. Of course I also showed part of my pussy, just enough to make your mouth water!

On this day in 2014…
… I posted an image of bright red stockings and black and red shoes, with a special Valentine’s message on the image.

Also on this day in 2014…
… I wrote about prostate play for Kink of the week. This is one thing that we will never do in our relationship, as Master T is totally not into anal stimulation and I cannot imagine myself stimulating another man like that.

On this day in 2015…
… I wrote about a man I used to see (not date) and who loved to take photos of me and watch as I masturbated, but also loved if I sucked him off. He never wanted sex with me because that would be like cheating on his girlfriend but allowing me to suck him and him to finger me wasn’t cheating. His words. The image here is one of those he had taken of me.

On this day in 2016…
… I posted an image of match sticks trapped between my labia. I adore this image, even though the first time ever I experienced match sticks between my labia was when I was nine.

I’m using the image from 2013 for today’s post. At first I wanted to edit the image to show a red color splash, but somehow that didn’t work for me. So I decided to use the ‘overexposed’ filter in Photoshop Elements and I think I like this edit even more than the original. My pussy seems to have a natural red blush in this edited image.

red blush
I think my pussy looks stunning in this shot!

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