Quarter Clamps

On this day in 2011…
… I posted two images of clamps on my nipples while I wore my Histoire d’O collar. This was still in the early days of our D/s journey and we were exploring and trying and enjoying. Looking back on this brings back warm and exciting feelings.

On this day in 2012…
… I posted the last of the posts about the mindfuck before our first hotel stay. Okay, I posted an epilogue later, but there was a reason for that. This was supposed to be the last post in the series.

On this day in 2013…
… I shared an image of sweets we have played with, spelling the word ‘slut’ on my pussy. ‘Slut’ is a word I am fond of, because I identify with it. And of that I am proud!

On this day in 2015…
… I shared an image with a blue line decorating my backside. The blue line you see is part of a set that consists of shorts and a top. The striking blue looks brilliant on images, as can be seen in this image!

On this day in 2016…
… I wrote a very difficult post that is not fiction, but a true story. Being forced to be like someone else wants you to be… never ever again!

I couldn’t find the original photo from 2011 so had to save this image from my website. Neither me, nor Master T ever deletes photos and we cannot understand what happened to this original.
I have added a layer to the image to make it look like an old photo, but with a bit of high key filter added to it too.

Quarter Clamps
I wish I could’ve showed you the full image, where you can see my collar too! Today you will have to do with my boobs alone…

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