A Month of Celebration

red candle

This is the fourth year that I will be participating in February Photofest and I really had no idea what to do for this year. Honestly, where I was prepared in previous years, this year I was not. When I saw Molly’s post about the February Photofest 2017, I sort of panicked and almost decided not to take part this year. Then I remembered: I have just passed the magic number of 7 years of blogging and what better way to celebrate that than to look back on the seven years. Not only for a day, but a month long, since this is also my birthday month and the month I turn 50!

So people, brace yourselves as I take you on a trip down my blogging memory lane, and of course, since February Photofest is all about photos, I will share some of those too. Not new photos, but old ones that will be re-edited.

On this day in 2012…
… I wrote a story for Wanton Wednesday, called Orgasmic Echo. I still remembered how I felt when I wrote it, thinking back on walks I have done on the slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town.

On this day in 2013…
… I posted the fourth and last part of my story, Bar Entertainment. While writing this (in a very horny mood), I kept a specific restaurant in mind where Master T and I had dinner just the week before. How I would love to attend a ‘party’ like this!

On this day in 2014…
… I posted an edited image for my first February Photofest. We were house-sitting and after we watered the plants, we saw it as a perfect opportunity to take some sexy photos in a different environment than our own bedroom.

On this day in 2015…
… I posted an older image where I hold a candle. The image is quite abstract and I it originally came from a series of images we have made for Valentine’s Day. My theme for 2015 was Polaroids Past, hence the Polaroid feel to the image.

On this day in 2016…
… I shared an image of some bright colored rope in our toybox. My theme for 2016 was sharing images of items in our toy box.

I am taking the photo from 2015 and reposting it today. Back then I posted it in black and white, but I cannot find that I ever posted the original. I have tried to edit this, but in all edits the image lost some of its magic, so I am posting the original as it came off the camera.

red candle
I love that there is so little, yet so much to see in this image.

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