Guest Post: A Tale Of Suburban Taboo

Erika hears it as soon as she steps into the house: the sound of her older step-brother Linus snoring away in an upstairs bedroom. “What a schmo”, she mutters under her breath as she takes off her jacket and tosses it into the hall closet. She stomps upstairs in a huff, turns right into her bedroom, and slams the door. Erika is pissed because she can’t sneak her boyfriend Chad into her house and on her bed – which she’s been doing since they got together. Now the two have to sneak around to have sex, thanks to that jobless loser Linus who will tell on their parents as soon as he finds out.

Still fuming, the 18-year old blonde takes out her laptop from her bag and starts tapping away a message to her boyfriend: “Sorry babe, big brother in the house and I need to behave. Maybe tomorrow?” She waits for a reply but her message remains in the unseen zone, so she opens up a new tab instead and types in – her go-to site for relieving sexual frustration. Under the Categories tab, Erika immediately clicks on the “interracial” link and is rewarded with a bunch of hot BBC porn. She selects a top user-rated video. Then she unzips her jeans, kicks them off, flops down on her bed, and slides her undies down. The fingers of her left hand find themselves gravitating towards her pussy, as her right hand clicks on an interracial porn clip whose description includes the term “creampie”. She starts thinking about hunky Chad, her black boyfriend of only a few months, whose biceps make her quiver and whose strong hard cock has enough staying power to make her cum to the point of exhaustion.

“Chad…” Erika whispers, biting her lower lip as she imagines it is her shaved pussy being invaded by that huge black dick currently showing on her laptop screen.


Linus wakes up suddenly at the sound of a door slamming shut. Probably Erika back from school, he thinks foggily. He tries to go back to sleep, but memories of the past week prevent him from doing so. It all started when he lost his job as a salesman in a solar panel roofing company. That means no more financial independence to escape the demands of his greedy fiancee Annette. Annette herself is jobless, but her idea of a functioning relationship is to garnish his wages so she could stuff her face with burritos – and her plus size figure in tiny clothes. How did he ever end up with her? He has tried to break off their engagement, but Annette refuses to the point of clinginess that was embarrassing.

So here I am, Linus sighs, looking around at the guest bedroom of the house that belongs to his mom and stepdad, Moving back in with my parents like a shiftless hobo trying to escape my life and to hide from my future wife. He’s been living with them for just a week, but already he can feel the waves of disapproval from both his stepdad and step-sister Erika everyday at the breakfast table. He keeps asking him when he’s getting a job and moving out, and she keeps giving him dagger looks and rolling her eyes at him. As a compromise, his mom says he can stay a week more in the guest bedroom, provided he gets up everyday to go job-hunting, and that he keep an eye on Erika . This, of course, makes the latter angrier than ever.

As if Erika is a baby! She certainly isn’t…not with that slender body and firm tits and ass. Even when she’s glaring at him from under the curtain of lush blonde hair, Linus can see how gorgeous she’s grown from the time he last laid eyes on her when she was an awkward adolescent. She’s more confident now, and moves with a gracefulness that seems natural. Through his bedroom window, he’s seen his kid step-sister walking home from school a couple of times with a big beefy black dude, and he’s been feeling a strange pang of jealousy at the sight. He knows Erika has been banging her boyfriend at home, hence the babysitting assignment.

He doesn’t like being jealous. Whenever he feels jealous, Linus turns to porn. And lately, he’s discovered the step-sibling niche on Smut6, which only seems to have piqued his curiosity since he started sleeping over at his parents’ home. He knows it’s taboo but he can’t help it – the high-definition porn with the step-sister theme has so many stunningly gorgeous girls in it, he can’t help but fantasize about Erika.


In her bedroom, Erika is writhing and moaning with lust as her fingers are rubbing her clit and invading her pussy. She yells out loud in orgasm, forgetting there’s another person at the other side of the wall.


Linus hears Erika cumming, and looks down to see his dick tenting his shorts. He gets up, rushes to the second-floor bathroom, and locks himself in. He can’t help it – hearing his step-sister masturbating is too much for him. He gets his hard cock out, steadies himself with one hand against the bathroom counter, and starts jerking off furiously.

“Erika…” he groans, his hand a blur as it goes up and down on his shaft. He’s just watched a blonde teen acting out a step-sister scenario last night on his laptop. The girl was doing a POV blowjob on her “step-brother”, and she looked so much like Erika…



Startled, Linus straightens up and looks around to check if he’s all alone. Erika is knocking on the door.

“I need to use the bathroom! You’ve been there for ages! Aren’t you supposed to be looking for work or something?” Erika asks him impatiently through the door.

“Just stepping out!” Linus replies as he wipes his sticky hand with a towel. He opens the bathroom door and avoids his step-sister’s suspicious gaze before rushing downstairs and out the door.


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