Full Exposure

On this day in 2011…
… I wrote about the next step in our D/s relationship, but also about the doubts I had and how Master T erased those doubts in a few simple words. Our D/s relationship is still incredibly strong and will be strong for as long as we live. I will always be his.

On this day in 2012…
… I wrote about day 3 to 6 of my plugging training. The first nights of the training were hard and on day 5 and 6 Master T gave my ass some much needed relief.

On this day in 2013…
… I celebrated love. Love should be celebrated every day and not only on days like Valentines, Mothers or Fathers day. Telling someone you love them on any random day means a lot more than to wait for a special day. Love is the most beautiful there is!

On this day in 2014…
… I posted a rather dark image of me masturbating in a hotel room. This was in our favorite hotel room in Rotterdam, a place where we have already had so many beautiful experiences and I am sure we will return there again.

On this day in 2015…
… my pussy was the center of attention as I doubled up and pushed two candles instead of only one into my wetness. This image was from a task Master T had given me in March 2012, which after I have done it, he told me I have actually misinterpreted the task. Maybe, if Master T reads this, he might tell me to repeat the task, or give me a similar task. I would love to try it again.

On this day in 2016…
… I shared an image of two beautiful golden plugs designed by Rianne S and sent to me for a review. The beautiful purple jewels are eye-catching, as is the golden color of the plugs.

Since the image from 2014 was quite a dark one, I wanted to change it so the details in the image would be clearer. However, I didn’t want to change it that much that my face became visible. In the end all I did was to use a filter for overexposure, which highlighted my legs and the hand between my legs but actually darkened my face a bit. Sorry people, I’m not ready to be fully exposed just yet!

Not fully ready to show my face just yet…

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3 thoughts on “Full Exposure

  1. This is a really exceptional image. I love the way the light is pouring in through the windows and yet you are still lingering in the shadows as if you ignoring the day beyond the window and lost in your body


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