Seven years!

I can’t believe my blog is actually seven years old today. It’s a magic number, don’t you think? Seven… the number seems to represents a perfect number, a form of completion. But, there is nothing ‘complete’ about Rebel’s Notes. It’s an ongoing work and I have at least seven years more of content inside me, of words that want to be written, thoughts that want to be shared, photos that want to be shared.

What has my blog brought me in the past seven years?

  • beautiful friends, both online and in real life and to be part of a lovely and supportive community;
  • improving my writing and making me grow towards being published;
  • challenges to make different and challenging images;
  • I learned more about myself and what really makes me tick and I’m still learning;
  • it has made me embrace my identity and come out for the fact that I am an erotic author;
  • it has grown my self-confidence and helped me to feel confident in meeting other people;
  • to be bold enough to start a Dutch writing group, which is into its fifth year of existence;

It seems I am always busy writing… always working on my blog and planning posts ahead. But you know, even though I spend hours at my computer, it’s worth it. The reward I get from creating content for my blog… it’s priceless. People sometimes ask me where I get the energy to do all this, but that’s just it: it gives me energy. It makes me feel alive. Writing has always been in my blood… no, let’s rephrase that… creating has always been in my blood. Doing it with words and images and enthusing others to do so too… there’s a reward in that too!

I look back on seven lovely years and forward on many years to come. The image below, is symbol of that. What lies in the foreground is what has been, but I am looking to what still has to come – the long road ahead in which I want to create much more than I already have!

Looking forward
Seven years of blogging lie behind me, but I am focusing on the multiple of sevens ahead of me…

© Rebel’s Notes

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  1. Congratulations Rebel. And thank you for being such an inspiration and source of support. Here’s to many more years of blogging!

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