On Friday our world has gone topsy-turvy when we received news no one ever wants to hear. We still need to hear the official diagnosis, but things doesn’t look good. In the weeks or months to come I might need moments to myself, moments where I will lie with my head on my arms and allow my tears to flow freely. But I will also have moments where I would want to be sexy, want to feel sexy, want to feel other things than only sadness and fear.

As @Inner_Devil said: Normality is a friend in times of abnormality.

Trying to maintain some normality in times of abnormality.

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17 thoughts on “Topsy-Turvy

  1. So important to have these moments of feeling normal – whatever that means for you – in times of strife. Sending you loving, healing thoughts. <3

  2. That’s a really important comment from Inner Devil. I hope normality gives you some valuable respite over the next few months. You look wonderful in this shot. Xx

  3. Big hugs to you and your family Marie. I am so sorry to hear about your Mum. I think “Normality is a friend in times of abnormality.” is very wise words, ones that maybe we are all hanging onto at the moment in some form or other. Hopefully together we can help each other with that


  4. Hang in there, Marie, nothing is certain until you have the official diagnosis, and even then, medical science is improving by leaps and bounds all the time. I will be sending you love and healing thoughts from afar.

  5. Oh, Rebel. My thoughts are with you.
    You got the description wrong – nothing normal about this picture. It’s ABNORMALLY sexy and beautiful as images of you can only be.

  6. Wij wensen je veel sterkte de komende tijd. Wees er voor elkaar maar neem zeker tijd voor jezelf dat zul je hard nodig hebben om voll te houden.?

  7. I will be praying for you. Master and I have been through my cancer which turned our world upside down and inside out. It was such a frightening time for us and our then little girl. We survived and I hope you do too, whaetver the trouble may be. It’s not easy to maintain normalcy during stressful times. Take good care of yourself and each other! xxx

  8. Needing among the difficult times to have normality might allow you to deal with the difficult times. I wish we could share out the grief and pain, our thoughts are with you all x

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