Painted Seduction (5)

Continued from… Painted Seduction (4)

“Come on,” she said and pulled Tammy back towards the bathroom, where she opened the shower. Both women stepped under the water. Warm water washed over Tammy’s head and her body. She turned her face up, enjoying the warm, cascading water. The pleasure increased when Fiona touched her back. With tender but firm movements, Fiona started rubbing shower gel on Tammy’s back. Bit by bit the paint mixed with the water and disappeared down the drain. Fiona’s hands moved to Tammy’s buttocks. Fiona pulled down the thong that Tammy was still wearing and threw it in the corner on the floor of the shower.

“Spread your legs,” Fiona said in a gentle voice.
Tammy obeyed. Fiona washed her legs, brushing her hand against Tammy’s crotch as she cleaned her inner thighs. When she finished on the back, she moved around to the front. She kneeled in front of Tammy and washed her legs. Once those were clean, she stood up again and started to wash Tammy’s stomach. Slowly she moved upwards towards Tammy’s breasts. Both women breathed heavily. With gentle, sensuous movements, Fiona washed the paint from Tammy’s breasts. They looked at each other and an invisible force pulled them closer.
They kissed. Fiona’s hands still covered the other woman’s breasts. She rolled Tammy’s stiff nipples between her fingers. Tammy pulled away. Her mouth closed around one of Fiona’s nipples. She sucked. A moan escaped the artist. She leaned back, resting against the wall. Tammy sucked her nipples, soft at first, but soon she sucked the flesh deeper into her mouth.
Tammy moved down and with a soft touch she spread Fiona’s labia. She flicked her tongue against and over Fiona’s clitoris and Fiona responded with a moan. She covered Fiona’s sex with her mouth, her tongue tracing the line of the soft labia and dipping into the sweet tasting wetness between the soft fleshy lips. Both women were oblivious to the water running over them. Fiona spread her legs more and pushed her hips forward. Tammy looked up at her, but her mouth didn’t lose contact with Fiona’s pussy. Fiona’s eyes were closed, her mouth half open and an almost constant stream of sounds was coming from her mouth. Tammy suck Fiona’s clitoris between her lips.

She held on to the other woman’s thighs. A bit hesitant she moved one of her hands towards Fiona’s opening. Slowly she pushed in one finger. A louder moan coming from Fiona told Tammy that what she did was good. Licking and sucking, she moved her finger in and out of Fiona’s pussy. Even though they were wet from the water of the shower, a different wetness now covered Tammy’s finger. A second finger joined the first and the silky smoothness soon covered both fingers. She didn’t stop the movement of her fingers or her licking and sucking when Fiona started wailing. Her body shivered as she climaxed. Fiona sagged down to the floor and looked at Tammy with a huge smile on her face.

“That was amazing! Thank you, sweet one!”
Tammy blushed. It was as if Fiona read her mind.
“Was this your first time with a woman?”
Tammy nodded. She had no idea how she knew what she had to do. She had just followed her instincts. Fiona seemed satisfied. She was still sitting on the shower floor, smiling. Tammy reached for the soap again and washed the last bits of the paint from her arms and face. They turned off the water.

Still naked, Tammy followed Fiona to her bedroom. The bedroom had the same feel as the rest of the house. Everything was white and many colorful pillows and rugs broke the possible dull white of the furniture and bedding. Fiona pulled Tammy towards the wall to ceiling windows, towards the pillows on the floor.
“Are you afraid of heights?” Fiona asked.
“Not that I know of,” Tammy answered.
Fiona stood behind Tammy and gently pushed her forward, until her body pressed firmly against the glass. There were lower buildings on the other side of the wide street far below them. People walked on the pavements, rushing to where they needed to be.

“Turn around and spread your legs,” Fiona said.
With her back pressed against the window, the dizzying abyss right behind her, Tammy sighed as Fiona’s fingers entered her. She was wet and ready. It heightened her excitement to be separated from a fall to death by only a piece of glass. Her heavy breathing was the only sound in the room. She arched her back, pushing her breasts towards Fiona’s mouth. Tammy sighed as the other woman softly started sucking her nipples, one after the other. Fiona’s fingers worked in and out of Tammy’s pussy. The expert movements soon brought Tammy her first orgasm with a woman. Her knees folded beneath her and she lowered herself onto the pillows. Fiona lay down next to her.

They lay still for quite some time. Tammy was the first to move. She turned herself around and looked at Fiona who still lay with her eyes closed, one hand behind her head. Instinctively she lowered herself, put her head on Fiona’s shoulder and rested her arm across the artist’s tummy. Fiona smiled as she put an arm around the girl. Tammy could not take her eyes off the breasts in front of her. The nipples were still half-hard, the flesh of the breasts relaxed. She closed her eyes, thinking about the perfect afternoon and the promise of more. She drifted off to sleep with Fiona’s arm around her.


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  1. I looooooooooove where this ended. One of my most sensuous moments was the first (and so far only) times I’ve showered with another woman.

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