Painted Seduction (4)

Continued from… Painted Seduction (3)

Moments later Fiona stood in front of Tammy with a small tin with bright red paint in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. Tammy took pleasure in watching the intense concentration on the other woman’s face. Fiona started painting, starting on Tammy’s nipples and breasts. This time Tammy did not mind that the artist concentrated her attention on her breasts. Different colors started to cover Tammy’s body. Fiona worked from her breasts to her shoulders, her neck and down to her stomach. Occasionally she smiled at the younger woman, but they didn’t talk. The women were totally at ease with each other. Fiona disappeared behind Tammy as she started painting the girl’s back. Being painted by Fiona was an intimate experience. The cold touch of the paintbrush on her body combined with the gentle, but firm movements of the brush was like Fiona was making love to Tammy’s body. A delicious shiver passed down Tammy’s spine when Fiona’s brush touched her buttocks and eventually followed down the curve of her legs. Fiona altered working on the back of Tammy’s body with working on the front. The brush touched Tammy’s crotch, covering the thong with paint. Tammy had to spread her legs for Fiona to reach everywhere.

“Your arousal smells so good,” Fiona smiled up at her.
Tammy blushed. A longing stirred deep inside her as she watched the naked artist and felt her soft touch on her body. She just smiled at Fiona, who had been painting for over an hour. Tammy’s arousal helped to keep her mind off her own fatigue from standing still for so long. Fiona continued with her work. She moved all around Tammy again, painting down her legs towards her feet and painting her arms down to her hands. Fiona stopped painting at last after she had applied paint to Tammy’s face. The artist looked at her handiwork and then grabbed the brush again. Fiona made a couple of adjustments – some in the front, some in the back. Then she nodded and smiled.
“Only a couple of final touches, then I’m done,” she said and left the room.

Fiona returned with several fake flowers in different colors. She decorated Tammy’s hair with flowers. Apparently this was part of the design.
“Not too much… beautiful… painting… eye catcher… one more… yes, there…” Fiona muttered to herself. Tammy had no idea whether she should answer her, so she kept quiet. Once Fiona finished with the flowers, she disappeared behind Tammy again. In a slow pace, she walked around the girl. A couple of times the paintbrush touched Tammy’s naked body again.
“Yes, that’s it,” Fiona said, “perfect.”
She looked at Tammy and smiled.
“You are beautiful.”
“Because you painted me,” Tammy said, blushing.
“You are beautiful without the paint. You make such a lovely and sexy canvas. It’s a pleasure to paint you!” Fiona said, “We are almost done. Let’s make a couple of photos and then we can get you cleaned up. The photos are only for my own use, so I can study the design before the competition, which will be two weeks from today.”
Tammy nodded. She was curious to see the photos.

Half an hour later Fiona put down the camera.
“Do you want to see the design?” Fiona asked Tammy, who nodded.
Fiona grabbed the other woman’s hand and pulled her with her towards the bathroom. Tammy was careful not to get paint on any of the walls or furniture they passed. In the bathroom she stopped and stared. Tammy almost did not recognize herself in the wall-to-wall mirror reflection. Beautiful tropical flowers in vibrant colors and bright green leaves covered her body. The flowers in her hair perfectly matched the painted flowers. Even though Tammy stood still, staring at her mirror image, the flowers seemed to be moving in a light breeze. She had no idea how Fiona managed to capture the illusion of movement in the flowers.
“It’s stunning,” Tammy spoke.
“Thank you,” Fiona said, “but without a model this design would look like crap. Your body has beautiful curves that helped me in getting the picture just the way I wanted it. Shall we get you cleaned up?”
“It’s a pity something this beautiful cannot stay on,” Tammy said.
“I know, but the two of us are going to make a lot of beautiful things together,” Fiona said with a smile. The two women returned the studio, where Fiona pulled the flowers from Tammy’s hair.

“I am going to spray water on you to soften the paint,” Fiona warned.
Despite her warning, Tammy shrieked when a spray of cold water hit her across the breasts.
Fiona doubled with laughter. Tammy joined her. She shrieked again when another cold spray hit her. Fiona looked at her with a mischievous grin. She held the spray bottle in her hand and threateningly pointed it at Tammy. Tammy laughed. She anticipated when Fiona would spray more water and duck away. Drops landed on her face and hair. She ducked under Fiona’s arm. Fiona quickly turned and sprayed more water. The women played around like children.

Laughter filled the studio. Fiona tried to spray the cold water on Tammy and Tammy did her best to avoid it. She didn’t succeed. Paint smudged and colors mixed together.
At last Fiona put down the spray bottle. With a roll of paper towel and a smile she returned to Tammy. Bit by bit Fiona dried Tammy’s body and in the process, a lot of the paint came off. None of the beautiful flowers was visible anymore. Tammy’s body still had visible traces of the bright colored paints that Fiona used for her creation.

To be continued… Painted Seduction (5)

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