Painted Seduction (3)

Continued from… Painted Seduction (2)

“Just relax,” she whispered as she touched the rounded side of Tammy’s left breast. Tammy’s turned her head and looked at the artist.
“Let’s get this done, okay,” Fiona said, not removing her hand from Tammy’s breast. Tammy nodded and turned her head to stare out the window again.
Fiona moved the brush to Tammy’s other breast. The girl shivered involuntarily when she painted her nipple. Fiona carried on painting. After a couple of minutes she stood back and looked at her work. The artist was unhappy with what she saw. It just didn’t look right.
“… have to start over…” she mumbled.

Tammy jumped when a spray of cold water touched her breasts and chin. Fiona laughed.
“Sorry, I should have warned you. I need to sta…”
Fiona didn’t finish her sentence. The girl looked so beautiful, staring at her, blushing, her nipples hard and an expression of lust on her face. Tammy breathed through her half-opened mouth. Fiona leaned forward and softly kissed Tammy first on the left, then on the right cheek. She pulled away, holding her face close to Tammy’s. Simultaneously they leaned towards each other, their eyes locked. They stopped when their mouths were only millimeters apart. Fiona’s warm breath touched Tammy’s face. Tammy’s breathing was as labored as Fiona’s. A wordless conversation followed. A silent agreement.

Their lips touched. Lightly. Eyes closed. Aware of every intense sensation. Every movement. Tammy’s heart raced in her chest. Their mouths opened slightly. They breathed into each other’s mouths. The feather light touch of Fiona’s lips sent shivers through Tammy’s body. Her nipples screamed to be touched. She traced the outline of Fiona’s mouth with her tongue. A sigh escaped the artist. Tongue against tongue, moving in a forbidden dance. Their lips touch, their tongues explored. Their slow movements did not reflect the passion burning in both of them.

Different sensations took hold of Tammy’s body. She sighed when Fiona’s perfect hand touched her cheek. At that moment both women stopped holding back. Their tongues teased each other, reflecting their urgency. Fiona ran her fingers down Tammy’s spine. As she did, the girl arched her back, pushing her breasts against Fiona’s body. The paint on her breasts smudged against the clothes of the artist, some of it rubbing off, but neither of them cared.
Tammy’s hands moved. She unbuttoned Fiona’s dress. The garment slowly opened and revealed Fiona’s bra. Fiona dropped her arms and allowed her dress to slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor around her feet. Fiona’s bra and panties were just as colorful as her dress. The print on both pieces looked like a painting of different brightly colored birds. Tammy stared and watched as Fiona reached behind her back. Her bra joined the dress on the floor.

She stood in front of Tammy wearing only her panties.
Fiona stepped out of dress bundled at her feet and pulled Tammy with her towards the pillows in the corner. The view from there was breathtaking, almost scary. Straight down people walking on the street many meters below were visible. The women were oblivious to anything happening outside. Their attention fixated on each other. Tammy was less sure of herself now than when she boldly unbuttoned Fiona’s dress. Fiona bent forward and softly kissed the girl on her lips. More kisses followed. Tammy relaxed a bit and traced the outline of Fiona’s lips with her tongue again. The woman’s lips parted. Softly the two women continued exploring each other’s lips and mouths. Tammy was new to this and it surprised her at how natural it felt.

“I want to paint you now,” Fiona whispered, “I need to paint you.”
Tammy instantly pulled away. She thought that she might have overstepped her boundaries by kissing Fiona. Fiona noticed the change in the young girl’s eyes. She pulled her closer and kissed her again.
“I want to make love to you, but first I want to paint you. It will be like foreplay to paint you. I want to love your gorgeous body in many ways.”
Tammy blushed and smiled. Another kiss followed before Fiona pulled away. She didn’t bother to put on her clothes again. Tammy waited for Fiona to tell her what to do, watching the artist grabbing the designs she wanted to work from earlier and throwing them in the trash can.

“I would love to paint you while you’re naked, but the competition rules doesn’t allow that. Will you be my model for the competition? I will pay you double than you are getting for this afternoon. I will even pay you three times that, if only I can have you with me for the entire day,” Fiona rambled.
“I will be your model for the competition and you don’t have to pay me,” Tammy smiled.

To be continued… Painted Seduction (4)

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