Painted Seduction (2)

Continued from… Painted Seduction (1)

On their walk to Fiona’s apartment, Fiona constantly touched Tammy’s hand or arm while talking. Some of those touches sent tingles down Tammy’s spine. Her body reacting made her blush and surprised her. She had never been with a woman before, but had always wondered how it would be to make love to a woman. Now she had visions of kissing Fiona. Her line of thought stopped when they arrived at the Fiona’s apartment building.
“I have a visitor for the rest of the afternoon, Mr. Jones, and I prefer not to be disturbed,” Fiona said to the door attendant as they walked into the lobby.
“You’ve got it, Miss Fiona,” he smiled.

Tammy was in awe of the posh building in which Fiona lived, but the biggest surprise was discovering that Fiona’s apartment occupied the entire top floor. Tammy inhaled sharply when Fiona opened the door and let her into the apartment. It was huge. White furniture gave the living area a clean look, but to fit Fiona’s artistic nature different colored pillows decorated the furniture. A huge painting in soft pastel colors and signed by Fiona hung on a black wall. The corner of the room had top to bottom windows overlooking the skyline of the city. Tammy stared, amazed by the luxury.

“Come on,” Fiona said, “I’ll show you my studio.”
Tammy followed her into the next room and gasped. The studio was almost as big and with the same windows as the living room. Light flooded in and the view was breathtakingly beautiful. A couple of easels lined the wall, all with paintings in different phases of completion on them. A huge piece of thick blue plastic covered the carpeted floor. Brightly colored pillows on a black carpet decorated the glass corner of the room. A table on wheels carried several small tins with different colors of paint, several paintbrushes and papers.
“Please undress,” Fiona smiled.

Tammy looked around for privacy but found none. She walked to a chair in the far corner of the room and started to undress. She had her back turned toward Fiona. The young woman took off her clothing, piece by piece, folded it and carefully put it on the chair. Fiona watched her with interest. A smile covered her face as she studied Tammy’s rounded bottom, her arched back, her feminine shoulders and her long legs. Her fingers itched to start painting this beautiful human canvas. Tammy waited, her back still turned to Fiona. She was naked and didn’t know whether she should turn to face the artist.

“Here,” Fiona said, “put on this thong.”
Tammy drew her breath in, plucked up her courage and turned around to walk to Fiona. She kept her eyes fixed on the thong that Fiona held out to her. She didn’t see the flash of lust in Fiona’s eyes when she appreciatively looked over Tammy’s curvy body. Tammy quickly put on the thin white thong and stood where Fiona indicated. Fiona picked up the papers from the table and held them up, parallel to Tammy’s body. She looked at the paper, then at Tammy’s breasts, back at the paper and then at Tammy’s tummy. She changed the front paper for a next, and then glanced at different parts of Tammy’s body again.
“Yes. I think this will work,” Fiona mumbled. She walked around to look at Tammy from the back.
“Perfect,” Fiona said after a couple of minutes and replaced the papers on the table. The top paper showed a bright-colored picture of an exotic flower. Tammy realized that Fiona had just pictured the design on her body.

Fiona busied herself with the tins of paint on the table, opening them all and arranging them in an order only she understood. She picked the papers up and looked at the top one again. Absentmindedly Fiona looked at Tammy’s breasts. The half-naked woman noticed this. Even though she now understood that the artist viewed her as a canvas, Tammy blushed. She watched as Fiona picked up a small tin with bright yellow paint and turned to her. Fiona smiled up at Tammy and then turned her full attention to the girl’s breasts. Tammy wanted to die. Why did this beautiful woman have to start with her breasts? The young woman flinched slightly when the brush touched the side of her breast. The paint was cold on her warm skin. Tammy turned her head towards the window to her side. She tried to concentrate on what she saw – the high buildings, the city that stretched towards the horizon, the blue sky above, the sun abundantly shining on the buildings. She succeeded with this for a couple of seconds, but soon her attention returned to Fiona’s actions.

Her nipples hardened when the brush touched it. The combination of the soft brush, the steady pressure of the brush and cold paint had an interesting effect. Tammy kept her eyes fixed on the window, but her attention was with her own excitement. An intense desire to be touched took hold of her. At the same time, shame filled her about her obvious lust for the woman in front of her. Wetness pooled between her legs and she was grateful that she at least wore a thong. Tammy didn’t see the smile on Fiona’s face when the artist noticed the girl’s obvious arousal.

To be continued… Painted Seduction (3)

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