Painted Seduction (1)

Tammy’s nipples were hard, aching to be touched. She wished for a way to hide her nipples. She was ashamed of her obvious lust for the woman in front of her. Tammy stared out the window, pretending not to be aware of her own, obvious arousal. With the wetness pooling between her legs, Tammy was thankful that she at least wore a thong.

Fiona smiled at Tammy’s obvious arousal. She saw Tammy’s hard nipples in front of her and smelled the musky flavor of her arousal. Fiona noticed how hard the girl tried to look indifferent to her own excitement.
“Just relax,” Fiona whispered as she touched the rounded side of Tammy’s left breast. Tammy’s body stiffened and her head jerked forward. Fiona’s eyes were kind. Her hand was still touching the side of Tammy’s breast.
“Let’s get this done, okay,” Fiona said and Tammy nodded as she turned her head away to stare out the window again. Her thoughts drifted off to how she got herself into this situation.

* * * * *

Tammy was a young woman in her early twenties with beautiful long, dark brown hair, brown eyes and a slender body. She was of average length, soft-spoken and a bit shy. The young woman grew up on a farm and had been to the city with her parents on only a handful of occasions. Ever since the first time she had been in the city she wanted to live there. Part of Tammy’s dream had come true when she moved into one of the dormitories at the university. She had won a scholarship that covered her study costs and her parents paid Tammy’s stay at the dorm. Tammy worked at a local restaurant, where she earned enough to pay for one night out every weekend. A week ago she saw a note in the library:

Female artist looking for female model.
Three hours, $250
Call: 555-2575

Without hesitation the young woman called the number. Fiona Moulin answered the telephone. The thirty year old artist had had a melodious voice and she explained to Tammy that she needed a female model to practice a design for an upcoming competition. The artist did not elaborate on the competition, but mentioned that she needed a nude model. Tammy had no experience but despite her shy nature, she was intrigued. She wanted to try it and even more important, she needed the money.

Tammy and Fiona arranged to meet. The closer she got to the restaurant for their appointment, the more Tammy doubted her decision to model for Fiona. Tammy was unfamiliar with this part of the city, where everyone, including the women, seem to wear a suit. She felt totally out of place with her jeans and sweater and her backpack casually slung over one shoulder. At the door of the restaurant Tammy contemplated whether she should turn around and disappear. Through the window, Tammy spotted only well-dressed women and men. No one wore the same casual attire she did.

Tammy turned away from the door and started to walk away.
“Tammy?” someone said behind her and at the same time a hand touched her shoulder.
She had no doubt in her mind when she turned around and saw the owner of the voice: Fiona. The strikingly beautiful redhead wore a dress with a cacophony of brightly mixed colors. It looked as if the dress consisted of hundreds of different small pieces of fabric. It reached down to Fiona’s calves. Bright red shoes matched her bright red coat. Even if she hadn’t known, Tammy would have recognized Fiona as an artist.
“Yes,” she said, feeling unsure and even more of a misfit than moments earlier.
“Come on, girl,” Fiona said in a friendly voice, “let’s go inside.”
“I don’t think I am properly dressed for this,” Tammy hesitated.
“Oh, don’t worry about that,” she sniggered, “neither am I!”

She grabbed Tammy’s hand and pulled her towards the door of the restaurant. They entered and the face of the butler at the counter exploded in a huge smile when he saw Fiona. Immediately Tammy relaxed. It was true – neither she nor Fiona seemed to be correctly dressed to dine here. Nevertheless, Fiona was welcomed with open arms.
“Miss Fiona! It’s so nice to see you again. Your usual table?” he asked.
“Yes please, Denver,” Fiona beamed.
They followed Denver to the far corner of the restaurant, next to a huge window that overlooked the streets outside. It was the best table in the restaurant. Heads turned as Fiona and Tammy made their way towards their table. Men smiled. Women looked at them disapprovingly. The more disapproving looks she saw, the more Tammy straightened her back. She resented it to be so openly judged by the way she looked and to make that clear, she smiled sweetly at some of the women. Most of them turned their heads away, blushing.
During lunch, Tammy couldn’t stop staring at Fiona. The woman was beautiful, friendly, eloquent, and so natural. Fiona had a youthful enthusiasm and the way she dressed made her look years younger than she was. She quickly put Tammy at ease. Fiona explained to Tammy that she had to prepare for an upcoming body-painting competition and she needed a model on whom she could practice her design. At first, Tammy was uncomfortable with the idea of her body being used as a canvas, but during lunch she warmed towards Fiona and the idea.

To be continued… Painted Seduction (2)

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