On The Rails

Even though these train tracks were abandoned, while I lay on the rails I wondered about the sounds if a train approached. Would I first feel the vibrations under my head or would I first hear it approaching? How quickly would I be able to get off the tracks if I heard a train?

Instead of anything threatening, all I could hear were the beautiful sounds of nature around me, occasionally interrupted by the talking of the people who we were with.

That was a beautiful day!

On the rails
Lace and shoes… rails, but no train in sight…

© Rebel’s Notes

18 thoughts on “On The Rails

  1. And then he grabbed her!
    And he tihihihihied her up!
    If you don gimme the deeds to the ranch, I’ll tie you to the railway track!

    And then … Hey! Where’s Mr Jones!

    Excellent pic!

  2. Oh my god – I love EVERYTHING about this. Classic silent movie damsel in distress – where’s the mustachioed villain with a rope in his hand?! I imagine he’s off to the side, about to sneak into the picture. Fantastic!

  3. I like the idea of no ropes: you need self control when the rails start humming in your head.

  4. I love this, the pose the hint of danger (although the tracks are abandoned who knows) and the little detail. I would love a picture of the shoes you were wearing

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