Guest Post: The Ferrari

A friend wrote an erotic fantasy and asked if it could be posted on Rebel’s Notes. I agreed to it, asking if I may edit it since English is not his first language. He agreed. Please note that this is a fantasy, so be gentle on the seemingly non-consent towards the end of his fantasy…

The Ferrari stopped and the tinted window opened to reveal the old man asking the way to the center. After I pointed the way he drove off and it made me wonder why this old man didn’t had a route planner in his ride. I probably said it out loud because the lady behind me asked me if I wouldn’t like to have a car like this…
“No thank you,” I said. “It’s not really my kind of car.”
She smiled at me with a joyful glaze in her eyes and just before we continued the conversation the bus arrived.

We both got on the crowded bus and the lady sat in a free spot. As the bus was too crowded, I had to move deeper into the bus so I was only able to see the back of her red curly hair. When the bus stopped at the station, she ran to the platforms because she was in a big hurry. She disappeared into the crowd. As I’m never in a rush, I took a look around in the station hall with all the shops and restaurants and bought some wine to have with dinner that night – a nice “blood” colored” red one.

When I arrived at the platform, it seemed that the earlier train had some delay, so I was kind of lucky and got on the train. As the train drove away from the station, I closed my eyes for – what seemed like seconds – a couple of minutes and woke up when a bag slightly touched my leg. I looked up, straight into two beautiful eyes. Damn… I know those eyes…

Then I remembered… her eyes! The lady at the bus stop…
“Can I sit here?”
Without waiting for the answer she placed her luggage on the bench and took off her long coat, revealing a beautiful dress. During the trip we spoke about a variety of stuff – sports, movies, wines and some other things, but the old man and his Ferrari didn’t come up again. I couldn’t remember any train ride as pleasant as this one. Before I knew, the man in the speakers called my stop. As I put away my belongings, she also started packing. Surprised as I was, I offered to help her with her luggage, catching a glimpse of a nice box. I asked if she had to take another bus or train to get home.
“Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait for the next bus home because of the delay, and I still have to travel a while. But thank you for a enjoyable ride,” she said
“You’re welcome,” I replied.

We walked through the station and I told her that because of the sunset, I would give her a ride. She looked at me with surprised eyes, blinked and accepted the offer. I showed her to my car, that stood only a block away. When she saw my blood-colored van, she said: -“I didn’t expect you would have a ride like this.”
“Well, it really is mine…”
“How cool, my brother always watched this series with such a van.”
“As a lot of boys did in those days, but you know what they say… boys will be boys,” I said with a smile.

I put her bags and coat in the back and like a gentleman, I opened the door of the van and watched how she got in the van with her high heels. I still did not know which way to drive, but asked her when I got in. Like we knew each other for years, the conversation we had in the train continued, until she said she needed something out of one of her bags.

I turned the van between some trees and stopped on an open spot where the final reds of the sun were the only lights. After I had helped her get out of the van, she softly stroked over my chest and touched my crotch. I opened the side-door and searched for a camping light.
“Do you also use the van for camping?” she asked.
“Sometimes I have a bike meeting with some friends and then I certainly use it for sleeping… very useful.”
“But, I don’t see a mattress,” she replied.
I smiled and showed her the thin mattress hanging on the ceiling hooks.
As she reached for her bags, I had a marvelous view on her beautiful rounds, divided by a long thin zipper and couldn’t resist touching her fine ass. She stayed in this position and I slowly lowered my hand to feel the lace of her stockings. She slightly opened her legs and my hand searched the way back up to the spot where both legs came together, feeling her warm juices.
I hung the light in the middle of the van and took the mattress down. She got into the van and took place on the mattress. I sat down beside her and stared into those wonderful eyes.

Just as I wanted to restart the conversation, she started kissing me. I opened my lips and our tongues met each other for a hungering kiss. Softly I caressed her arms and moved her hands to above her head. Before she knew it, I’d cuffed her wrists. A scared but also wondering look came over her face. A long kiss made her forget she was tied up and my fingers found her wetness again. After I turned her over and blindfolded her, I slowly took off one stocking and cuffed the ankle, continuing with her other leg. She lay on her belly, opened wide for my pleasure. I opened the zipper, revealing her back and her ass and gave a couple of firm smacks on both sides. Even in the shallow light, you could see the blood finding the way to her bottom to color it quite red. I reached for the box that I saw in one of the bags. She heard me opening the box, but didn’t know it was her own toy until I placed the first bead on her anus. I spitted on her hole to make it wet and slowly put the bead in her tight ass feeling little resistance. The second bead disappeared and, although I had to push a bit harder, also the third. I slowly took it out again and penetrated her wet pussy with it, roughly fucking her with her own toy until she climaxed for the first time. I pushed the wet beads back in her anus – one, two, three, four five… until the toy filled her ass.

After I gagged her, I went out the back of the van, leaving her tied up with her wetness, and plugged by her toy. As I shut the door, I saw her drooling through her gag. I started the van and turned back on the road again. After a couple of miles, I turned onto a parking spot and parked the van in such a way that the only light from outside could enter the side door. I opened the door and stepped in. I released her ankles and helped her to turn around again. From behind the side boards I took some rope and spread her knees as far as possible by using the ropes and the rings at the sides of the van. There she lay, all ready and for my pleasure.

I unzipped my pants and placed my dick against her wetness. I looked in her eyes, filled by fright and pure lust and slowly put my dick in her pussy. We became one. It took some minutes before she closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. I pulled out and landed some smacks on her ass again. I caressed her bottom and then pulled the beads out of her, one by one. I slowly filled her with the top of my hardness. Little by little the rest followed. She didn’t expect my dick to fill her ass. Her eyes opened wide and she drooled alongside her gag, giving me a wonderful picture.

I pulled out and presented my dick in front of her face, releasing the gag. Softly she sucked me and I started to fuck her mouth as I want to come in her mouth. She swallowed my load. I put the gag in place again and reached for the Doxy to make her come. Starting to like having this lady in my van, I clamped the Doxy in a way that it would permanently touch her clit and got back in the front seat again, leaving her all alone to feel the vibrator on her cunt…

And I? I slowly drove back home…

Written by a friend, edited by Marie Rebelle.

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