Daytime Sex

#fucketlist item 11: Have sex during the day, just because we can
This sounds so simple, but with two kids in the house who are around most of the time, it’s difficult to do this. If we would now disappear to the bedroom during daytime, it will make for some awkward moments. We can choose to ignore those moments, or we can choose just not to do it. We have chosen for the latter, but that doesn’t mean I’m not longing for the moments when we are both in the mood, to just go ahead and indulge. Maybe one day…

I wrote my #fucketlist in November 2016 and when I put the above on my list, I thought it might take another two years or maybe even longer before we could indulge in daytime sex. Little did I know that on the last day of the year I would be able to tick this one off my fucketlist.

As usual with the Sinful Sunday prompt, we planned to take photos the day before they had to be online. Master T always thinks the prompts through thoroughly and where I had ‘candle’ in mind from the beginning, he was not immediately convinced. But, there we were, on the Saturday, ready to take the photos. Master T had a specific scene in mind and told me to get my ass to the bottom of the bed, resting it on the foot end of the bed. With my ass up in the air and my legs spread, he had easy access to my pussy. This was exactly what he wanted. He slowly filled my cunt with a candle of about three centimeters in diameter and lighted it. A small flame appeared, but when he switched off the light, the flame was too small to have the right effect.

We moved on to a different candle and first I stood, but then I lay down on the bed. The yellow light of the candle beautifully illuminated my body. I had one or two other ideas, one of which required me to hang my head over the edge of the bed. Master T snapped more photos and when we were done, he sat down on the bed next to me, bent down to kiss me and pushed a finger deep into my wetness. I moaned and hung my head back over the edge of the bed. I soon asked for permission to come and did so several times more before raising my head and putting it on his lap. His fingers kept on moving from deep inside me and then to my clitoris, drawing another orgasm from me.

I think it was just before the eighth orgasm that I reached for my clitoris while he pushed two fingers deep inside me. Soon I asked for permission to orgasm again. The next orgasm was all his doing and then, for the next I reached down again.
“More fingers,” I panted and again hung my head over the edge of the bed.
He pushed four fingers into me, fucking me hard, almost fisting me. My fingers frigged my clitoris in high tempo. From deep in my core I felt a familiar tingle. My nipples hardened even more. The muscles in my legs stiffened. My body was readying itself and I barely had the time to ask for permission. My question, his answer and my orgasm almost all happened at the same time.

“You’re going to give me one more orgasm,” Master T said.
His fingers were back on my clitoris, something I could hardly bare after having a huge orgasm. My next orgasm was nowhere as big, but very quick to happen.
“That’s my good girl,” Master T said and bent down to kiss me. My head was resting on his leg again. I smiled up at him and he smiled down at me. We communicated without words. His hand rested on my tummy.
“Eleven orgasms,” he said, “eleven orgasms.”
“Did you count them?”
“Yes, this time I did.”

Suddenly his hand was back on my pussy, his finger pressing down on my over-sensitive clitoris.
“Let’s make it twelve,” he said.
I squrimed.
We made it twelve.

It was symbolic, since it was just after noon when we went downstairs.

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  1. So much to enjoy, the description of the pleasure and I love the term fucketlist. And the candle photograph was wonderful. Early morning and daytime sex are the best in my very humble opinion

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