Closer to Heaven

“High heels bring you closer to heaven.”
~ Brian Atwood

Do I like high heels?

Oh my gosh, YES!

I have quite a collection of high heels and absolutely love wearing them, even though there are some shoes I only wear when I go out and others that are for daily use. However, my shoes for daily use never have the high heels that my shoes for going out have. Mostly my everyday shoes have sensible heels, but they always have heels.I have only one pair of flat shoes that I wear and those are boots, which I mostly wear with opaque tights and quite a short knitted dress. It just feels like that fits better.

Speaking of boots: I have four pairs (except for the flat-heeled ones) – two black and two brown. All of them have high heels of at least 7 centimeters in height. Of the black ones, one of the pairs is for everyday use and the other is for going out. I don’t wear brown that often, so it depends on my mood which of the brown ones I wear.

My going-out-black-boots are of the brand Peter Kaiser. This is the first brand I have encountered where I can put on the heels and the shoe immediately fits without hurting anywhere. Also, I can walk on them, feeling like I am wearing flats or walking on bare feet. It’s only when I wear them for hours and am constantly walking that they really start to hurt. In the past years I have bought a couple of pairs of Peter Kaiser shoes, because they are so comfortable and also have stunning designs.

Before that I was totally crazy about the brand Iron Fist. They have the most amazing and fun designs for their shoes, but… yes, unfortunately there is a but. I can only wear their open toe shoes and then, even though they fit, they are in no way as comfortable as the Peter Kaiser shoes I have. I have one pair of ‘closed’ Iron Fist shoes but I have tried them on only once. They are so tight and they hurt my toes. They look really pretty in my closet, but I don’t think I will ever wear them again.

When we travel, I always have more heels with me than I need. During the day I wear my Peter Kaisers and sometimes in the evenings I wear Iron Fists. Where in the past I never had any shoes with lower heels with me, nowadays I have to make sure I do. Back in 2014 I tore some ligaments in my right ankle and ever since my ankle is weak. If I walk on high heels too long, my ankle just keeps on twisting as if the ligaments don’t do their work anymore. I have one exercises but they don’t seem to help to strengthen the ligaments. Thankfully, I can still wear my heels.

Master T prefers me in heels. Always. When we make photos, he wants me to wear heels. When we go out, he wants me to wear heels. He doesn’t mind if my shoes are more expensive than average, because he loves the look of a woman in heels.

Wearing heels make me feel good – all woman. Not that I am less woman when I walk on bare feet or in flats, but wearing heels just changes my posture and how I feel. It makes a dress look more beautiful. It makes the muscles in my legs move in the most delicious way. It tightens my calves and rights my shoulders. The extra length I get – I am not that tall – really feels good. I love standing in front of Master T and being able to almost look him in the eyes.

shoes on ass
A pair of Iron Fist shoes… just look at those details!

I totally agree with what Marilyn Monroe had said:

I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot!

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5 thoughts on “Closer to Heaven

  1. I am so envious of both you shoes and your ability to walk in them. I’m nervous of my promise to wear mine in March because I know I’ll be in agony and probably have fallen over several times in the first hour of wearing them!

    1. Start practicing 😉
      No, seriously, if you only wear them for an hour I will be thrilled xox

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