Rebel’s Top 20 of ’16

Rebel's Top 20 of '16We came to the end of yet another year, and as I have done in 2013, 2014 and 2015, this year I am doing a top 20 again. I have to say that I found it especially difficult to decide on my top 20. For the past weeks I have added blogs, removed others, added, removed, added… you get it. I want to repeat what I have said last year:

  • If you find yourself not on the list for this year, please don’t think I am not enjoying your blog anymore. I read a huge amount of blogs and this list was much longer than the 20 blogs mentioned below. I had to narrow it down.
  • When I narrowed the list down, I took some blogs off the list because the owners have either decided to stop blogging or have blogged a lot less in 2016 than in the previous years.
  • I wanted to bring in some ‘new blood’ on my list. There are some lovely new blogs out there, which I think many of you will enjoy reading too.

I can make the list longer, but in 2013 I have chosen to show 20 blogs and I stick with that, the same way I stick with all the blogs I have mentioned on previous lists. Each and every blog deserves to be mentioned, but today I highlight the 20 I mention below.

My top 20 list for 2016

A Dissolute life means 

I’ve had the privilege of meeting Hy at Eroticon 2016 and in a fun moment, I became one of her sister brides. This woman is beautiful, inside and out. Her blog reflects her honest feelings about her sex life, as well as incredibly sexy photos of her boobs!

Hy’s post It’s hard to leave your people: EroticonLive 2016 left me with tears in my eyes and wanting to hold her in my arms again! I would love to see Hy at Eroticon 2017, but she needs more money to be able to make it. Please help her!

Hy is the host of Boobday.

Twitter: @adissolutelife

A to sub Bee

This is the third time that I am adding Sub Bee’s blog to my top list. I still enjoy her blog – the photos she posts and her thoughts on kink and other things. One post that I still remember from this year is An inspiration?, in which she mentioned that anyone can be inspirational because of the person they are and not because they are disabled.

I look forward to Eroticon 2017, when I will finally get to meet Sub Bee and her husband!

Twitter: @sub_bee

Author C.P. McClennan

The name of this website used to be ‘Stranded in Toronto’, but since he is not stranded anymore, C.P. McClennan is in the process of rebranding his site. But, the person behind this website is still the same and that is someone I am fond of. Besides that I am a huge fan of his writing, especially Savannah. He has written a trilogy about Savannah and that was supposed to be the end of her. Supposed to be, because imagine my delight when I read ‘Winter Howls‘ and realized Savannah is not gone at all?

In the coming few weeks this website will undergo a total makeover, but I am sure the writing will remain of the same quality it has been up to now!

Twitter: @cpmcclennan

Between the Lines 

Jerusalem Mortimer’s blog is the first blog featuring on my top 20 list that have not been on here before. His blog had caught my attention in the past, but I only really got into it when he started writing a spanking story about a school principal and Jennifer.

I remember a tweet where Jerusalem Mortimer will be at Eroticon and I really look forward to meeting him.

Twitter: @JaimeMortimer

Cammies on the floor 

Last year I spoke of A and M. If you have followed the blog this year, you will know that A unexpectedly passed away in October 2016. M had already gone through a difficult time with her divorce and all through this, she kept up with her blog. She’s a strong woman – remarkable. So many posts on her blog stayed with me, but I want to highlight on in tribute to A – 3 weeks.

I find myself thinking of M several times a week, wondering how she’s doing. This is one person I would love to meet in real life!

Twitter: @cammiesonfloor


I finally met Exposing40 at Eroticon 2016. She’s an energetic, positive person who manages to enthuse anyone around her! Her blog is definitely evidence of her positivity towards life, such as her post Death Maths will show you.

She happens to be a damn good photographer, with a good eye for composition, and she’s a lovely ‘subject’ for photos too!

Twitter: @exposing40

F Dot Leonora 

Speaking of a positive personality, then you really have to meet F Dot Leonora. She is the most bubbly, positive, enthusiastic person I have ever met. She encourages others and always has a good word for everyone! I admire her ability to use every Wicked Wednesday prompt I give her in a new part of her story about Eliza, that has been running since April 2014, just after we have met at Eroticon for the first time!

Leonora also participates in Sinful Sunday, but she never shows any naked parts. Just recently, she posted an image and I was in awe of the sexiness of her White Flower.

Twitter: @fdotleonora

Happy Come Lucky 

As sweet as Honey… that is what this woman is. When I think about Honey, I always get a smile on my face. She’s cute and witty and sexy and writes the most thoughtful posts, such as her post Evolving Landscapes. With her words she evokes thoughts in others, making them think about their own situations and even blogging about it in answer to her posts.

Honey doesn’t post only words on her blog. Oh no, her Sinful Sunday photos are sexy and always strike a chord!

We saw Honey and her man at Eroticon both in 2015 and 2016, but sadly Honey can’t make it in 2017. However, this doesn’t mean we won’t see them…

Twitter: @ht_honey

Horny Geek Girl 

This is the second blog I am putting on my top 20 list for the first time. I have been following Cheryl Kaye’s blog for quite some time and if you ask me why it never made it on the list before, I won’t be able to tell you. Cheryl does product reviews, writes fiction and also share personal posts, for instance, about depression. Her post ‘Struggling – A Personal Post on Depression‘. Reading her posts I have got to know her as a fighter, but even so her very personal posts touch my heart.

In 2015 Cheryl was at Eroticon but we didn’t get a lot of time to talk. I hope to have more time to talk to her at Eroticon 2017!

Twitter: @HornyGeekGirl

Illicit Thoughts 

Kat has been on my radar for quite some time and has featured on my top list last year too. She has blogged less this year because of a health scare, but she’s back and her writing is as good as ever. Sometimes she writes personal posts, other times she writes fiction. And sometimes her fiction and fact seem to come together in a story, such as in Through His Eyes.

I hope Kat will get back to post some of her sexy Sinful Sunday photos again!

Twitter: @Kats_my_Name

Melina Greenport 

Melina has been writing a bit less in the second part of this year, but the pieces she wrote are so good that I just had to put her blog here on my top list. She knows how to keep your attention from the first word to the end, and how to use her words to also tell a story between the lines. And, she also manages to make the every day things so damn sexy, such as in her story ‘Training the New Kid‘.

I hope to be reading more of Melina in 2017!

Twitter: @MelinaGreenport

Modesty Ablaze 

This one is the queen of Scavenger hunting. She has done so many Scavenger hunt photos and I always smile at the stories she tells with those photos. The interaction between her and her husband is really lovely. Other than Scavenger hunting, Modesty blogs about her real life sex experiences and does product reviews.

You can also join in with Modesty’s Polaroids Past, where you can post older images of yourself and link back to her page.

Twitter: @ablazingmodesty

Molly’s Daily Kiss 

Molly is one of the most active members of the sex blogging community, someone who works hard to build the community and keep it together. In my opinion, the most important thing she has done in 2016 is to take over Eroticon together with her husband, Michael and Girl on the Net. Next year, Eroticon will be in London and I am sure it’s going to be great!

Except for blogging on her own blog, Molly is about to start her sixth 365 project, runs Sinful Sunday and Kink of the week, hosts the Pussy Pride Project and provides a place for people to post Anonymous posts. She’s also one of the owners of e[lust], the sex bloggers digest and she now also compiles the Top 100 Sex Bloggers list. She really is a superwoman!

Twitter: @MollysDailyKiss

Pain as Pleasure 

The third newcomer for this year is Pain as Pleasure. This blog is written by a man who frequently visits a professional Domme and blogs about his experiences. He also writes about his fantasies and shares his train of thought, such as he has done in his post ‘Pleasing the Domme – pleasing the sub‘.

It’s lovely to read a blog from the male submissive point of view and I sure look forward to read a lot more of his work in 2017.

Twitter: @BibulousOne

Sex Blog of Sorts 

I’ve said it before, but will say it again: I have a soft spot for this woman. She’s an incredible writer, a sensitive soul and I definitely consider her a friend, even though we mostly only talk about Eroticon. On her blog she shares her erotica, but also shares gift ideas and photos. Just recently she has posted an image that really caught my attention and made me wait in anticipation to hear the back story about it.

Charlie also shares openly about her disability, which in my opinion helps others out there to share more openly too.

Bring on Eroticon 2017 so I can hug this woman again!

Twitter: @sexblogofsorts

Stella Kiink 

Stella hasn’t gotten around to blogging a lot in 2016, but still I wanted to include her in this list. Her writing is always lovely, whether it’s fiction like Guns and Wolves or her real life words like she did for the 2016 A to Z challenge. But, she also posts lovely images.

Some years ago we hoped to meet Stella at Eroticon, but unfortunately she couldn’t make it. I guess this just means we will have to go to Canada to meet her, right?

Twitter: @StellaKiink

The Other Livvy 

I still love the unique twist Livvy gives to her blog, using quotes at the top of her posts, and those quotes always have something to do with the contents of the post, even when she writes erotica. Speaking of erotica, her story ‘Hoar Frost‘ is so incredibly beautiful.

Besides her factual pieces and erotica, Livvy also posts sexy images of herself.

Twitter: @theotherlivvy

This D/s Life 

When 2016 started, Molly and Michael took on this 365 project where they planned to write about their D/s relationship for 365 days (okay, 366 since this is a leap year) straight. Most of the posts were written by Michael and I really enjoyed the insights he gave into their life – some very familiar. I believe this blog has helped a lot of people to better understand D/s, even though Molly and Michael wrote about the way they do it, and they never advocated and never will advocate that it’s the only way to do it. They only shared their thoughts and experiences and that helped others.

Unfortunately, even though ‘The Show Must Go On‘ it stopped, and I have every respect for it, but I hope Michael finds his way back to this blog, because I thoroughly enjoyed his words.

Twitter: @DomSigns

Understanding Flutterby 

A beautiful woman who writes beautiful words and posts beautiful images of herself. She has a way with words. They pull you in, make you feel her raw emotions. She has the ability to describe things so clearly, using much less words than I can, such as in her post ‘Tasked with asking for what I need’.

Flutterby has been a bit quiet on her blog in the past month, but I am sure we will see and read more of her in 2017.

Twitter: @WissPeasel

You wont tame this Sassy Cat 

The fifth and last newcomer to my top 20 list is ‘SassyCat’ or, we may call her Cat. I have no idea why Cat didn’t feature on my list before, as I have been following her for more than just 2016. Cat has quite a diverse blog, sharing product reviews (not always sex products), writing erotica and about her sexy life and she shares the most lovely images, like she did for her ’12 days of Sexmas’.

Cat is a very active blogger and somewhere I have read that she thought about stopping, but I sure hope she continues to entertain us with her lovely words and images!

Twitter: @sassycat38

Other lists

That’s it, my Top 20 list for 2016. If any of you mentioned above want to use the button on your site, please feel free to do so.

There are some other round-up posts out there, and this blog has been mentioned on the following:

Random Stats

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Other stats
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The End

We have come to the end of another year – for me another successful blogging year. I look forward to 2017, not because 2016 has been bad, but because 2017 is a very special year for me. In less than 2 months I turn 50 and I can tell you, I have never felt sexier than I do at this time! Bring on 2017!

All that remains is to wish you all a


May the year bring you good health, happiness and peace, and may all your dreams come true!

© Rebel’s Notes

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