On The Rocks (6)

Continued from… On The Rocks (5)

“Don’t act silly,” she scolded herself out loud, “he must have had something to do today and just forgot to tell me about it.” She repeated these words a couple of times to convince herself.
“He will be back later, I’m sure of that,” she told herself.
Victoria took a shower, got dressed, put her flip-flops on and went down to the beach. Less than an hour later she was back in the house. She sat on the couch and tried to read, but found that she could not concentrate. Hours seem to drag by and by late afternoon she did not believe her own words anymore. There had been no movement at William’s house at all during the day. Doubts filled her mind.

As the evening fell in, her thoughts were as dark as the skies outside. It became clear to her that William did not want to be with her. And she totally understood that. She was pregnant, carrying another man’s baby. Obviously lust brought them together the night before, but he must have come to his senses and left.
Then why did he carry you to bed? a voice deep in her mind nagged her, but she had no answer to that. How stupid she was to have allowed him to fuck her. Even more stupid to have asked him to do it. Once the lust was over, he must have thought her an easy woman. She was pregnant with another’s child and she asked him to fuck her.
“Stupid wench,” she said, angry at herself.

Victoria did not sleep that night. She just sat on the couch, staring into the darkness outside, not seeing anything. The sun came up. She did not notice. She did not eat the day before, neither had she drunk anything, but she did not feel hungry or thirsty. She did not care anymore, not for herself, not for the baby. She did not even think about caring for anything. Her thoughts were dark, her depression deepened. Late in the afternoon her body went into survival mode. She fell asleep on the couch after having been awake and without food or drink for close to 36 hours.

The first thing she became aware of when she woke up was the thirst. Her lips seemed to be stuck together. The second thing she became aware of was that she was not alone. She felt a presence. Fear gripped her heart. She don’t know how long she had been asleep and she could not remember whether she had locked the doors before she fell asleep. She turned her head and her breath caught in her throat when she saw William sitting in the recliner across from her.
“I’m back,” he smiled.
Victoria forgot about her thirst and her fear of moments before changed into anger.
“You’re back? You’re back? Do you think that’s what you should say after what you have put me through? Do you even know…”
“Put you through?” William interrupted her tirade with genuine surprise in his voice.
“Yes!” she stamped with her foot.
William stood up and sat down on the couch, next to her.

“What have I put you through, my love?” he asked with a smile.
Victoria was so angry that she totally missed the affection in his voice.
“To just disappear. To fuck me and then just leave. Without a word. Making me feel used. Dirty. What did you think? She’s pregnant so she’s easy? I guess you’re here to fuck me again, right? Well, I can tell you, mister, you can…”
Victoria could not talk anymore. William’s mouth was on hers, stopping the waterfall of words. She fought him, but he held her tight against him and bruised her dry mouth with his lips. Eventually she calmed down and relaxed. And kissed him. He folded her into his arms and held her tight.
“I have no idea how you came to all those nasty thoughts, as none of them ever crossed my mind. But there is one thing you said that is true: yes, I want to fuck you again. Now!”

He scooped her up in his arms and carry her to the bed that still bore the evidence of her sleeping there two nights ago. Carefully he lay her down on the bed. Victoria wanted to know where he was, but before she could ask, he kissed her again. Her body responded to him, while her mind was still in doubt. Her body was stronger than her mind, her lust building as she longed for him. Her thirst were forgotten and her hunger had changed in nature. She allowed him to push her dress up over her hips and pull her panties down. She spread her legs willingly and allowed him to push them up with his shoulders. Victoria gasped when he entered her with force, claiming her as his once again.

Their fucking was violent. William pushed deep into her, banging his hips against her buttocks. Victoria experienced a mixture of pain and pleasure and craved for more. Their eyes were fixed on each other. Silent communication passed between them. Promises of the future that will be, promises of good times to come. No negative thoughts were left in Victoria’s mind when her muscles contracted around Williams erection and she climaxed. William’s orgasm followed soon after hers. She lowered her legs and hugged William close to her, as tears of happiness formed in her eyes.

An hour later they were sitting at the breakfast table, eating sandwiches and drinking tea. Between them lay the note that William had retrieved from the other side of the bed and that finally explained where he had been the day before:

Agent called. Have to go to the city and will stay overnight.
Will be back by tomorrow evening.
Please wait for me.

I love you.


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  1. Love When My Woman Calls An Ass, After She Found I Wasn’t At Fault This Time! I’m About To Be A Very Lucky Man! Another Great Chapter!

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