Strict Leather Forced Orgasm Belt

This was one toy I have looked at SO many times in the past, really wondering whether we should add it to our toy collection. I mean, the Doxy is my favorite sex toy by far, but would I want it ‘forced’ on me? On the other hand, the idea of being forced appealed to me…

Packaging & Contents

The orgasm belt came in a clear plastic bag with no outer box or any kind of description.

Shape ‘n Size & Material

The brand of the orgasm belt is ‘Strict Leather’ and our experience is that they have great products! The belt itself fits waist sizes between 71-94 centimeters, which is not big and which would definitely not have fitted me some months ago. It is 10 centimeters wide and made of black leather, which also means it doesn’t have latex or phthalates in it. On the belt there are several metal O-rings of almost 4 centimeters in diameter.

How does it work?

The Strict Leather Forced Orgasm Belt is designed to hold a wand vibrator and a butt plug in place, and also has O-rings where you can attached body restraints. Because there are no instructions with it, it took us a while to figure out how it works. We opened the Uberkinky site and looked at the images and only then we could figure it out. Including a simple diagram with the product is recommended. You can use any of the wand vibrators out there with this orgasm belt.

My experience with and opinion of the product

As said, at first we had to figure out how the orgasm belt should be assembled, as it came in two pieces – the one that goes around the waist and the piece where the Doxy had to ‘hang’ in. Once we had the belt figured out, Master T put the belt around my waist. It was a tight fit and I actually asked him to loosen the bottom part a bit, but he couldn’t as it just fitted me. I can imagine the frustration of someone with a larger waist when they would want to use this product. Either it should come in different sizes or the straps on it should allow for larger waistlines.

But, back to my own experience. Master T tightened the straps and then told me to turn around. In the meantime the Doxy was in place and all he had to do was to tighten the strap that ran between my legs. Once that was tightened, the Doxy pressed right against my clit. He set out to take some pictures for this review and then said: “I guess it’s time to turn the Doxy on.”

He did.

I was standing and thought I would be able to ‘get away’ from the intense vibrations, but I couldn’t. Not that I really wanted to. Okay, not at first, but after a couple of orgasms I was begging Master T to stop. My legs felt wobbly. He refused, as there on the spot, he decided to use this as punishment. Several orgasm later he finally switched the Doxy off.

This was only the testing part of using this toy, but Master T had already said that the next time we are in a hotel, the belt will be used again. Then, with my legs bound sideways.

The Strict Leather Forced Orgasm Belt is a great addition to our toy chest, and is everything I wished it to be.

Where to buy?

You can buy the Strict Leather Forced Orgasm Belt from Uberkinky for 70 pounds.

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