LCHF #16: Six Months

Continued from LCHF #15: Fighting Demons

Two weeks ago I spoke about the demons that were trying to take over my mind. I have received lovely comments on that post, but the goal of the post was not to ask for sympathy. I know that even if I weigh as little as I did the day we got married (I was far too thin back then), those voices will still visit me from time to time. I just wish there was a way to shut them up…

But… over to today’s post.

I have been at this LCHF lifestyle for six months now, which makes it time for a round-up post again. I am incredibly happy to say that I have reached my first goal, the one I wanted to have reached by Christmas, or at least the end of the year. I am SO happy about that. I have already set my next goal, which will take me down to the weight I was when I met Master T fourteen and a half years ago and which will still have me overweight by about 10 kilograms. That’s the weight where I feel the best, where my face is not too thin and where Master T can still enjoy my curves.

Once I have reached that weight, I will be able to eat some carbs again. However, I will not do that every day – not because I’m afraid to gain weight again, but because my body can just not take it. Eating carbs two days in a row results in health problems which I have managed to eliminate with the LCHF lifestyle. This means I will keep on eating the way I do, with the exception of one or two days during the week. That should keep me on the same weight then.

So what do my numbers look like now, after six months of this lifestyle?

Weight: lost 15kg = 33.1 lbs = 2.4 stone
Waist: went from 105 to 87 = lost 18cm
Hips: went from 127 to 111 = lost 16cm
Over bust: went from 109 to 101 = lost 8cm
Under bust: went from 97 to 88 = lost 9cm
Thighs: went from 71 to 63 = lost 8cm

The only measurement that didn’t change at all for the last two months is the over bust. I am not sorry about this, as at least my tits are still nice and round and firm.

As I did the previous times, here is an image showing the progress of every two months. I have not expected much of a difference from two months ago, but I can definitely see the difference and it makes me happy.

Weight loss 6 months
Six Months Weight Loss Progress

I have also put the very first and the very last image together. Tears formed in my eyes when I saw the difference. Even though I wasn’t terribly unhappy about my body back then and Master T kept on telling me I am his sexy slut, I am happy that I am where I am now. I needed to feel the sexy again, and I do. I believe people are seeing it too, and here I don’t mean the weight loss, but that I feel sexy again.

weight from June to December
The difference after six months…

I still have 6 kilograms (13.2lbs or 0.9 stone) I want to lose, but if I stay like I am now, I will be happy.

To be continued… LCHF #17: Back on track?

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4 thoughts on “LCHF #16: Six Months

  1. Such a great achievement, well done you. I’m almost 3 stone down from the end of June also.

    I’m hoping to start blogging again soon but life has taken over me again.

    Wishing you and Master T a very Happy Christmas and the best of New Year.

    Velvet xx

  2. Your Always A Very Amazing Woman! Your Pictures Tell The Story Of True Grit! WOW!

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