On The Rocks (4)

Continued from… On The Rocks (3)

Victoria woke with a start. Even so, for a moment she had a smile on her face before it was replaced with disbelief. A red blush covered her face when she realized that her fingers were buried between her labia and they were covered with wetness. She jumped up from the couch and rushed into the bathroom for a shower, after which she went back to the couch and fell asleep again, this time without dreaming.

Halfway through the next morning William came around to pick her up. She blushed when an image of her hot dream of the night before flashed through her mind and she was thankful that William did not see it. There was a relaxed sphere between as they chatted while William drove along the coastal road towards the next town. Even though Victoria was aware of her grave situation, she managed not to think of it while she was with William. In the coastal town they walked between craft shops, bought several trinkets they did not really need. In a book store Victoria bought a book she had been wanting to read for some time and eventually they sat down across each other for lunch. The mood was still relaxed and it stayed so throughout the lunch.

On their drive back, Victoria was quieter than she was that morning.
“Is something wrong, Vicky?” William asked.
“No, I’m just tired. I think I will go for a nap this afternoon,” she smiled.
“You can come over to my place, take a nap and I will cook us dinner later,” William suggested, “and while you nap, I can continue working on my book.”
Victoria didn’t have to think about it long. She didn’t want to be alone, not after such a lovely day. She nodded.

Victoria was surprised to learn that William was in the house right next to the one she rented. His house was a bit further back from the shore than hers, which meant he had a perfect sight on her. She smiled. She did not mind this anymore. In a short time she had grown accustomed to have William near. He made her feel safe. Two hours later she stretched and yawned when she woke up on the divan in William’s study. His back was turned to her and he was totally concentrated on whatever letters were forming on his screen. Victoria suddenly had the urge to stand behind him and hug him. She shrugged and pushed the thought away. Clearly he would think her crazy for doing something like that, especially since he now knew about her situation. Sadness suddenly enveloped her like a blanket and a barely audible sob caught in her throat. It was enough to alert William.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“Yes… yes…” she said in a small voice, “I think I am.”

After a lovely dinner William and Victoria walked down to the private beach and sat on the rocks, watching the sun set into the sea. They sat close together, their shoulders touching. Only once it started getting colder, William helped Victoria from the rocks and they headed back to the stairs. William hugged Victoria at the bottom of the stairs leading up to her house and bid her a good night. She hugged him back and blushed as she turned at the top of the stairs to see him still watching her. A last wave and she disappeared into the house.

For the next two weeks their days took on the same routine. They would spend the morning together, either going into town or just driving along the countryside, but always having lunch at the same diner where they were on their first day out. The owner even kept a special table at the window free for them, where they could look out over the beach and the sea. After lunch they went to William’s place, where he continued to work on his book and Victoria either took a nap or read in the book she bought. Some evenings Michael cooked dinner, other evenings Victoria did and always after dinner they went down to the beach and sat on the rocks until it was too cold to stay outside. After a couple of days the goodbye hug turned into a goodbye hug and a soft kiss on Victoria’s cheek.

Victoria knew she was living in a bubble and deliberately ignoring her situation. She soon had to make a decision, but she did not want to stop the magic between her and William. She was trying to ignore the fact that she was falling in love with him. A week before she had to make her final decision, they were sitting on the rocks by the sea after dinner. The sun had just sunk into the sea when William stood up.
“Shall we go up for some hot chocolate?” he asked.
Victoria was a bit surprised, but she stood up and nodded.
“My place,” she smiled, “my treat.”
“Perfect,” he agreed.

To be continued… On The Rocks (5)

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