On The Rocks (3)

Continued from… On The Rocks (2)

She was unprepared for him to suddenly pull out and grabbed her by her hair, pulling her up towards him. They kissed, before he harshly turned her around and pushed her against the door. He shoved her skirt up, slid her panties to the side and roughly entered her from behind. None of them thought about any kind of protection. Their rational brains were unable to form any coherent thoughts due to their passion. He fucked her hard and emptied his balls deep inside her. His hand found her clitoris and with his softening cock still inside her, he brought her to a screaming orgasm in only several minutes.

Their second lovemaking followed less than an hour later, but with the flames of their desire now brought down to a more manageable level, they took their time to explore each other’s bodies. When the moment of penetration came, Michael asked her whether he should don a condom. She laughed and shook her head, saying something in the lines of it being silly to do it now and that she would take a morning after pill. She did and she had every confidence that it would work. After that first night they always used condoms when making love. They were living in the moment, enjoyed being together, enjoyed sharing much of their lives with each other.

Victoria thought nothing of it when she started to feel under the weather. She was tired and sometimes was a bit nauseous, but she wrote that off as one of the side-effects of her tiredness. After a week of feeling drained of all energy, she decided to go to the doctor. Just as she was about to enter the doctor’s office, her phone rang. It was from an unknown number and she denied the call. Her phone rang again while she was with the doctor and again she pushed the red button. When she exited the doctor’s office she sat down in the waiting room again. She was afraid that she might faint. She was pregnant and she had no idea how to tell Michael. They had never spoken about a future together. They had not even met any of each other’s families.

Absentmindedly she answered the phone when it rang again. It was the police. There was an accident that afternoon. They had already informed his next of kin but there was a note in his wallet that she should be informed too. This was one of the things that made her fall in love with Michael: his attention to small details like this. Unfortunately, the male voice on the other end of the line said, they had to bring her the sad news that Mr. Michael Stanford did not survive the car accident. Even up to today Victoria could not remember if she had even said anything during the entire conversation. Her world had shattered that afternoon. As if she was someone else, she drove home, packed her bags, arranged for an indefinite leave of absence at her work and rented the house by the sea. She drove eight hours to get there, not noticing her surroundings or feeling anything. She arrived at the house just more than a week ago.

Her last thought before she drifted off to sleep was of Michael’s funeral. No one would have missed her there as no one knew of her existence. She would go to his grave when she was back home again. Michael’s image in her conscious mind was replaced by that of William in her unconscious mind when she fell asleep. They sat next to each other on the couch, each with a glass of wine in their hands and smiles on their faces. William had his arm around her shoulder and she was happily leaning against him. He kissed he when she looked up at him.
“Shall we take a walk on the beach?” William asked and Victoria nodded.
They left the door to the patio open and took the stairs down to the beach. Victoria let go of William’s hand and started running towards the sound of the breakers. William ran after her and caught her just before they reached the firmer sand of the beach.

Laughing they fell to the ground and their lips found each other’s. William rolled over on his back and pulled Victoria with him. She ended up lying on top of him. Their lips were still touching. His hands moved over her back towards her buttocks and slowly he pulled the fabric of her dress upward to expose her buttocks. He slipped his hands into her panties, feeling the roundness of her bottom. Below her, Victoria felt his erection pressing against her leg. Her own excitement escaped from between her legs. She moaned as he firmly gripped her buttocks and pressed her crotch against him. This was all encouragement William needed. He rolled her onto her back and now lay with both his legs between hers. Again she pushed her crotch against him in an unmistakable message.
“Are you sure?” William asked.
“Yes,” Victoria sighed, “yes please.”
With gently gestures, to give Victoria time to withdraw, William pulled down his pants and underpants. He placed the tip of his cock against Victoria’s slick opening, but before he could check with her again whether she really wanted to go ahead, she pushed upward and his erection slipped inside her.

To be continued… On The Rocks (4)

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