On The Rocks (2)

Continued from… On The Rocks (1)

The next three days Victoria stayed inside. She did not want to run into William and hoped that her absence would send him a clear message: that she preferred to be left alone. By the fourth day the walls were coming down on her. She had been watching the beach during daytime and did not see him there. Just as darkness settled in, she took the stairs down to the beach and headed straight for the rocks. She sighed with relief that William wasn’t there. At the same time she felt a slight pang of disappointment. She shook her head and looked out over the dark sea. Her thoughts drifted off to her predicament. In less than four weeks she need to have a solution and she was still no closer to it. Victoria was so deep in thought that she did not hear the movement behind her.

Victoria shrieked and jumped up as a hand touched her shoulder. William grabbed her by her arm to keep her from falling.
“I’m so sorry, I did not mean to startle you,” said William, “but you did not answer when I called your name. I thought something was wrong.”
“No. No. I’m okay. Thanks,” Victoria assured him. She wanted to leave, but he was blocking the only way to get off the rock. Not knowing what to do, Victoria sat down again.
“May I sit next to you?” William asked and Victoria nodded in agreement.
They were quiet for a while.

“When is your baby due?” William asked.
Victoria almost jumped up again.
“How did… I mean… how,” she stumbled over her words.
“How did I know?” William asked but he did not wait for an answer. “When you’re walking or standing you have your hand on your tummy in a protective way.”
Victoria did not answer him. She could not. Silent tears rolled down her cheeks. William noticed the unnatural shining of her eyes.
“Vicky, are you okay?”
The use of this name caused Vicky to burst out in sobs.

Instinctively William put his arm around the sobbing woman. He was at loss as to what to do. He just held her, not knowing whether he should keep quiet or say something. William was irritated with himself. Why did he not watch what he said. He should have kept his thoughts to himself and not pry the way he did. The woman seemed unable to stop her crying. He tightened his grip around her shoulders and was surprised when she leaned into him, her head against his shoulder. He made soothing sounds and that seemed to calm her.

“I’m sorry,” Victoria said when she stopped crying and she pulled away from him.
William’s arm stayed around her shoulders and Victoria did not mind. Human contact felt good now.
“No need to be sorry, Victoria. Is there something I can help you with?”
Victoria looked at him in the dark. She could faintly make out the strong lines of his attractive face and even in her state of despair she felt the urge to lean into him and kiss him. She turned her head away and looked out over the dark sea.
“I am not even sure whether anyone can help me,” she said.
“Maybe it helps to talk about it?”
Victoria was quiet for a long time before she started talking.

“You are right, I am pregnant. Nine weeks. I have three weeks to decide whether I want to keep it or not. I have no idea what to do. If I keep it, I will be a single mom and I even though I will be able to handle that, it would immensely hurt my parents. They are very old-fashioned. To keep the baby, I will have to be married. To be married, there has to be a man in my life, but there isn’t. Not anymore.”
Her voice was almost without any emotion as she summed up the position she was in.
“Did the father of the baby abandon you?”
“No,” she said and her voice broke as she continued, “he died before I could tell him I’m pregnant.”
“Oh Vicky,” William said as he tightened the grip around her shoulders, “I am so very sorry.”
“He used to call me Vicky. No one knew about him. I only met him about five months ago but I knew I want to spend my life with him. Now he’s gone.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she leaned her head against William’s shoulder. William just held her. He was shocked by her story. Shocked that she was considering an abortion but at the same time he understood why.
“Would you have married him before the baby was born? Would he have accepted the baby?”

“Do you want to come up to the house for a cup of hot chocolate?” Victoria asked impulsively. She was getting cold but enjoying the warmth of his arm too much to let him go.
“That would be nice,” William answered.
Vicky apologized for the state of the living room, where she had been living for the past few weeks. William joined her in the kitchen and sat down on the couch next to her, on the blanket under which she slept every night.
“Why are you here?” Victoria asked.
“I’m here to finish a book.”
“Are you a writer?”
William nodded.

William left not long after he had finished his hot chocolate, but not before he had convinced Victoria to spend the next day with him. After he left Victoria stayed on the couch, looking out into the darkness outside. Her thoughts wandered back to her time with Michael. They had been dating for about several weeks when they ended up in bed after a night out. They stumbled up the stairs, laughing and falling over their own feet. The moment they entered Michael’s apartment and the door closed behind them, something in the air changed. Michael trapped her between his body and the door. Their kiss was hard, full of wanton passion. Their hands were roaming each other’s bodies, pulling at buttons and zippers and buckles, desperate to get each other naked. Pushing his pants down, Victoria crouched down too and took his hard cock deep into her mouth. She held onto his legs to steady her and moved her head as best as she could in the confined space to take him in deep and almost let him slip out again. He grabbed her head and deliberately started to fuck her mouth. Saliva dripped on the floor between her spread legs as she allowed him to abuse her vocal opening.

To be continued… On The Rocks (3)

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