Print Press

Red handprint on bottom

I love being marked, and even more so when the print is made by the hand of another!

Red handprint on bottom
The Talker’s hand print on my bottom…

© Rebel’s Notes

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Sinful Sunday
This post has been chosen as one of Malflic’s top 5 and this is what he said about it:

I have always been a fan of a red or pink bottom and Rebel’s with hand prints on it was sure to catch the fancy of every spanking top who saw it. There is in those glowing hand prints so much. There is of course pain, both instant and residual, there is intent. Bottoms often do not mark easily and with that intensity. There is submission, in it being bared, in her positioning while being marked and undoubtedly as is often the case there is lust and arousal. A hand print or two on a sexy ass really can say so much.