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chastity deviceThe prompt for Kink of the Week is ‘chastity devices’. We are not owners of such a device.


Before I continue, I have to say that when I see images of male chastity devices in use, I am intrigued by those. Many questions race through my mind, such as how it feels when the man in question gets a hard-on, if he can even get a hard-on when confined like that. But, the one thing I wonder about more is how it makes the wearer feel? I think it’s not only the actual feeling of wearing a chastity device that gives a specific feeling, but also that something happens mentally.

The freedom to be confined.

That’s what intrigues me. That’s what frequently have me looking at chastity devices for women. There are steal ones and leather ones, some with dildos for cunt and ass, others without. None of those look like you will be able to hide it under your clothes when you are ‘locked in’. I don’t think only wearing them at home would give me the kick that it would when I wear them out in ‘public’, knowing Master T has locked his property so it could not be used by anyone. Because of this, I often don’t look at chastity devices for long and don’t frequently return to them. But, I am still intrigued by them.

As you may or may not know, I have several genital piercings – one in my clitoral hood and two pairs each in my inner labia. Maybe those piercings, when caught together into a lock, can be used as a chastity device. I don’t think any man will be able to enter me when those piercings are locked together, but I might be mistaken. Even so, when they are locked together, I am sure it will have the same kind of psychological effect as a proper chastity device.

But it doesn’t make me less intrigued by a chastity device where a dildo penetrates me and every movement would remind me that he decides who and what will enter my cunt and ass. No access to anyone, unless he allows it.

Maybe it’s time to put this to practice, to either find proper locks with which my piercings can be locked together, or to find a chastity device that can be worn under my clothes in public, without people noticing. I am curious to find out what effect this will have on me.

Until such time that Master T decides to try out a chastity device, I will have to keep on dreaming and wondering how this would feel…

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2 thoughts on “No Access!

  1. I find them intriguing too. Long term wearing doesn’t appeal because I need the release of an orgasm but short term could be fun. Although I don’t know if fun was the right word!

    I find piercings used for chastity incredibly sexy and if he would allow me to have my genitalia pierced I would love it if he locked them together so I know my place…again short term!

  2. There’s a collection of photos of genuine chastity devices in the “First Olympia Reader”, edited by Maurice Gerodias. I was mildly disappointed when the text pointed out that there’s no evidence that medieval babes ever wore them while their men were on the crusades.
    They looked very uncomfortable to wear. I expect most of them would have to be put on the submissive person and removed on the same night, or at worst in the morning. (I can’t imagine anyone trying to poo while wearing a chastity belt.)
    If I were very concerned that a girl of mine didn’t fuck anyone else, I’d order that. I’d probably trust her, on the ground that she’d probably find the prohibition arousing, so long as I was arousing too, when I took the prohibition off.
    I guess the same applies to guys, mutatis mutandis.
    But they must be hot to wear, so long as the time is reasonable.

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