LCHF #14: Three Weeks

Continued from LCHF #13: Historical Numbers

It’s been three weeks ago that I last put an update over here and there’s a good reason for that.

Even though I have adopted the LCHF way as a lifestyle, at this moment I am also using it to lose weight. And just like with every other diet, with this diet too there are times when you just don’t lose weight. That’s what happened to me for the first two of the last three weeks. My weight stuck at one number and just refused to move down.

Part of the reason was that I had a baking frenzy and instead of only baking some cloud bread, I also baked scones and made some chocolate mouse. And when you’ve baked those things you also have to eat them. The oopsies (cloud bread) are not a problem, but the scones and the choco mouse were as it was extras to my diet. This meant that while I had those to eat, my daily eating routine looked different and I think that’s why I stayed on the same weight.

Then, in the past week, I caught the flu. I had a flu jab halfway through October and really didn’t think I would get the flu, but then I did. And I was quite sick. Fever, coughing and a throat so sore I could barely swallow. I never lose my appetite when I am sick, and this time was no different. But, I had no energy to make myself some nice things, which meant I also didn’t eat them. Maybe that is what helped to kickstart my weight loss again.

And you know what, maybe my body just had to get used to the new lower weight. I don’t know and I don’t worry about it. The way it looks now I am going to reach my first goal right on time!

Weight loss 13 november 2016
Weight loss since 19 June 2016

My stats at this point are as follows:

Weight: 13 kilograms = 29.3 lbs = 2.1 stone

Waist: 15 centimeters = 5.9 inches
Hips: 13 centimeters = 5.11 inches
Overbust: 8 centimeters = 3.14 inches
Underbust: 7 centimeters = 2.75 inches
Legs: 6 centimeters = 2.36 inches

I am member of a closed Facebook group for people following this LCHF diet simply as a diet. I mostly read along, getting tips on recipes and such and almost never post anything in the group. However, this past weekend I decided to put a message on there, that I have lost 13 kilograms in just under 5 months. Some people asked me for tips, and I had only two:

  • Allow yourself one day on which you eat or drink something that is not strictly LCHF;
  • Don’t see it as a diet, but as a way of life.

Another thing I sometimes tell people is that I have the ‘luck’ that eating too much carbs upset my tummy, which means it’s easy for me to eat the LCHF way, because believe me, I know how damn hard it is to follow a diet and to try and lose weight!

To be continued: LCHF #15: Fighting Demons

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