A Baker’s Dozen #fucketlist

Apparently a fucket list isn’t necessarily a list of sexy things you want to do, but a list of things you know you won’t ever do, in other words a ‘fuck it list’. However, I prefer the sexy version.

There are a lot of things I have already done, and know I will do many times more (thankfully). I don’t have to put those on my fucket list. There are other things I have on my list which I have also done before, but I have them on my list for a reason.

I am limiting my fucket list to thirteen things, even though it’s quite a bit longer…

1. Being tied in rope

I have been tied in rope before, but that is quite some time ago. Master T is not a skilled rigger and never will be (his words). If there is something I really long for, it’s to be tied by a skilled rigger, to experience the comfort of a good tie again, but also some dominance from the rigger. It doesn’t have to be sexual at all. I just want to feel… everything.

2. Sex in the woods

Ever since I can remember I have been fantasizing about sexy in the woods. I know there is a possibility of being caught, and maybe this is exactly the reason why I want this. Or maybe it’s because I want to be on my back, experiencing the pleasure of being fucked while I look up at one of the most beautiful sights in the world: tall trees etched against the blue sky.

3. Being the subject of a sexy (boudoir) photo-shoot

You might find this a strange thing on this list, as I have been the subject of photo-shoots so many times. But, the photo-shoots I have been part of, has all been done during our private play or a play date. What I really want is to be the subject of a sexy photo-shoot where I don’t know the photographer, and the photographer can put me so much at ease that I am ‘natural’ on the photos.

4. Go to a BDSM club/party

This one has been on my list for quite some time, but up to now we haven’t been to a BDSM club/party. I would love to go to one, first to see what happens there and then maybe a second time to play in public.

5. Have sex 7 days in a row

This sound like an easy one, but believe me, it isn’t. With both of us getting older, this just isn’t so easy anymore. But still, I would love to try it, to have sexy 7 days in a row. They say the more sex you have, the more sex you want to have, so maybe this is a goal we can achieve.

6. Gangbang (being fucked by 5 or more guys)

I recently blogged about bukkake and the fact that I don’t want men to ejaculate over my body. But, in the same post I spoke about a gangbang. This too has been on my ‘want to do’ list for quite some time. I am still undecided whether I would like the men to be strangers, or whether I would want men I know to participate. Also, would I want to be blindfolded all through it or would I want to see. I might just leave all those details to Master T.

7. Fucking a man half my age

Sometimes I see young men around me and I see how they look at me, especially when I wear low-cut or short dresses. I always wonder how far they would go if they are given the opportunity to come onto me. Would a man half my age want to fuck me?

8. Weekend dominance

For a couple of months now I have this ‘thing’ in my head, picturing Master T and me away for a weekend, somewhere in a hotel room or a holiday house. During the weekend, from the moment we arrive until we leave, I get five cane strokes every hour. Not five per cheek, but five across the both cheeks. And not six or ten or twenty, but only five. I believe I would come home with some beautiful marks after the weekend.

9. Get a sensual massage with a happy end (preferably done by a stranger)

I’ve had a sensual massage with happy end before and it was wonderful. It was done by someone we know which made me feel like I had to ‘do something back’. Please don’t take this the wrong way, because really, that was a brilliant date. I just think having a sensual massage done by a stranger, who brings me to a climax, must be so much different as I can fully relax and only receive. I don’t mind giving at all, but keeping it in mind more or less distracts from fully relaxing. Does this make sense at all?

10. Double penetration

Need I say more about this? It has been on my list for sooooooo long!

11. Have sex during the day, just because we can

This sounds so simple, but with two kids in the house who are around most of the time, it’s difficult to do this. If we would now disappear to the bedroom during daytime, it will make for some awkward moments. We can choose to ignore those moments, or we can choose just not to do it. We have chosen for the latter, but that doesn’t mean I’m not longing for the moments when we are both in the mood, to just go ahead and indulge. Maybe one day…

12. Wear a corset

This is something else I have done before, but that I want to do again. I own three corsets. Two are identical overbust corsets – one black and one creme-colored. The other is an underbust corset. Back at Eroticon 2013 I wore one of the overbust corsets, but by the end of the day it hurt like hell in my armpits and the insides of my upper arms. I have learned that apparently the corset was too long for me. That’s what you get when you know nothing about corsets and you buy them online. The underbust was fine, but since I was overweight back then, my backside looked far too big when I wore it. I didn’t like that. I would love to go corset-shopping and get one that really fits and make me feel good, and then of course to wear it. Maybe to the BDSM club I would like to go to…

13. Womanizer & anal sex

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the Womanizer Pro. I always crave anal stimulation when my clitoris is intensely stimulated and any times while I played with this toy, I wondered what it would feel like when I use the Womanizer and someone fucks my ass. I hope one day to find out.

There it is, my baker’s dozen of wishes for my fucket list. Now I would love to hear what you have on your list!

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6 thoughts on “A Baker’s Dozen #fucketlist

  1. I don’t know you but like creating beautiful Boudoir photographs.
    If you are ever in Central Illinois, let me know and we will create a photo you will love.

    1. Thanks for the offer, but the chances I will ever come to Illinois is quite slim…

  2. oh i love this idea of creating a #fucketlist
    hope you don’t mind that someday I might “copy” your post idea. A lot of your items on the list are the same as mine 🙂

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