Lady Amore

The seventh stanza of the Dutch anthem, Wilhelmus:

My God, I pray thee, save me
From all who do pursue
And threaten to enslave me,
Thy trusted servant true.
O Father, do not sanction
Their wicked, foul design,
Don’t let them wash their hands in
This guiltless blood of mine.

Trigger warning: non-consensual sex, placed in an 18th century time-setting.

Lady Amore

“Save me from all who threaten to enslave me,” Rogier muttered. His dirty face was turned upward where he could see the bright blue sky through the barred opening. Rogier looked down at his clothes which was covered in dirt and straw. His linen shirt was torn in the front, leaving his muscular abdomen exposed.

As if on cue, his stomach grumbled with hunger. Ever since he had been thrown in the cell the day before, he had no food or drink. Are they going to starve me to hunger? Rogier wondered, but immediately shook his head. No, no, they want to enslave me. They want to make me her slave.

His mind wandered back to the snippets of the conversation outside that drifted into his cell. He now understood that extravagantly bowing and smiling to the beautiful young lady he encountered in the street was the reason why he was thrown in the dungeon.
“She wants him as her slave,” were words that he overheard, followed by unsettling laughter.

She was Lady Amore, the daughter of the governor general at this outpost of the Batavian colony. Lady Amore reigned with her father, because her mother died of scurvy on the voyage to this southern tip of Africa. Rogier had heard the crew men talk about this iron lady, but he thought the older hands were trying to bluff the newcomers. How wrong he was. One look from her was enough to make him forget about his own status, a nobleman who was sent here to start a business with the sole purpose of filling the coffers of the nobility back home.

The lock on the door clanked and rumbled and then the door swung open. One of the sentries beckoned him to follow. Rogier hurried after him. Another sentry followed after him. Even though he had some daylight in the cell, the light outside was too bright for Rogier’s eyes. He held his hand up to protect his eyes, but followed the sentry closely. He had no idea where they were going and fear gripped his heart. What if they wanted to execute him? No! The word echoed in his head.

He followed the sentry to a closed door. Both sentries stood to the side of the door, which swung open as if on cue. A maid stood to the side and one of the sentries pushed him inside. Rogier didn’t even hear the door close behind him. A wooden tub in the middle of the room caught his attention. It was filled with steamy hot water.
“Undress,” the maid ordered.
Rogier wanted to say something about her tone, but decided against it. He had no idea what to expect and didn’t want to harm his situation anymore. He undressed and on her directions, climbed into the tub.
“Polly,” the maid called out. A second woman appeared. The two women washed him from top to toe and paid special attention to his private parts. A mixture of embarrassment and pride filled him when they remarked and giggled about his half-erection when they washed his penis.

Rogier got out of the tub and allowed the maids to dry his body with rough towels. He fully expected them to give him clean clothes, but the first woman – Mary – ordered him to follow her. Naked. With his back straight and his shoulders pulled back, he ignored everyone around him and kept his eyes fixed on Mary’s back. Two flights of round stairs took them up to the sleeping quarters of the inhabitants of this huge house. Mary knocked twice and opened a door. Then she stepped aside and told Rogier to enter.

Inside the room awaited a scene that Rogier could never have imagined. On the floor, naked, a man stood on all fours. He had his side to the woman in the chair.
“Ah,” Lady Amore said, “you have finally joined us. Come on, hurry up, take your place.”
Rogier stood still.
“On your knees, Rogier!”
He was so surprised that she knew his name that he dropped down to his knees where he stood.
“Not there! Come over here and face Brentley.”
Rogier did as he was told, feeling ridiculous for doing it but also like he had no choice.
“Now kiss!”

Rogier turned his head to Lady Amore, but instantly turned his head back and put his lips on Brentley’s when pain flashed across his ass.
“If you please me, you will be richly rewarded. Come on, give me a show!”
Rogier’s growling stomach once again reminded him that the last time he ate was early the previous morning. He tried to answer Brentley’s kiss with more passion, but was afraid he was failing. The men sat back on their legs and moved closer together. Their hands reached out to touch each other’s bodies. Neither of them had an erection. Yet. Rogier almost jumped backward when Brentley bent towards his crotch and took his flacid penis in his mouth. Rogier glanced at Lady Amore and for a second time in mere seconds he was surprised. The lady had her legs spread wide, her dressed pulled up and slowly finger-fucked herself while watching them. His erection grew hard in Brentley’s mouth.

“Turn around so Brentley can fuck you,” Lady Amore said in a hoarse voice.
Horror filled Rogier’s eyes. He pushed himself away from Brentley.
“No please, no. Not that. Please m’lady, have mercy on me.”
“I want to see him fuck you!”
“Mercy, m’lady, mercy, please!”
Lady Amore jumped up and several times her whip flashed across Rogier’s body, striking him all over. She walked closer to him and put her hand under his chin, lifting his face up so he could look at her.
“You dare to ask for mercy?”
Rogier tried to nod.

“Come!” she ordered and relief flooded through Rogier’s body. She walked to the chair, pulled her dress up around her waist and sat down again, putting her legs over the armrest.
“Lick me,” she ordered.
Immediately Rogier got down on his knees and pushed his face between her legs. Lady Amore folded her legs around his body, pinning him to the floor with surprisingly strong legs.
“If you please me, you can share my bed tonight,” she smiled down at Rogier. Between his legs his erection grew hard again. The prospect of fucking this lady kept him focused when hands gripped his hips from behind. Brentley spread his buttocks and for a moment Rogier wanted to stop and move away again, but Lady Amore pushed her cunt hard against his mouth.

Bit by bit Brentley pushed inside him. Rogier moaned against Amore’s pussy. The pain filled his body, but lust held him where he was. Soon he rocked backwards accepting each of Brentley’s thrusts. Lady Amore moaned as her orgasm squirted from her body, wetting Rogier’s chin and the chair below her. His mouth was still on her pussy when Brentley moaned and emptied his load deep inside Rogier.
“Fuck me.”
Rogier pulled her up, turned her around and pushed her to bend over the chair. He entered her from behind, holding his hand on the back of her neck to hold her in position. Iron lady or not, she will soon know who’s in charge, he thought as he slammed his cock into her wet cunt.

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