Sunny Side

I actually thought long and hard about editing this image, but I loved it so much in its original form that I decided to leave it as it is.

The way the shadows fall on my legs and the attention is drawn more to the clamps and the shadows and not to my pussy, is something I really love about the image and I think an edit would have taken that effect away.

What do you think?

Clamps on my pussy lips
Sun & Shadows

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22 thoughts on “Sunny Side

  1. So evocative. The softness of your skin and the hardness of the metal… It makes me want to see your face so I get a glimpse of how it all makes you feel.

  2. I swear I thought I saw your thigh twitch! The brutality of the clamps combined with the gentility of the striped seat cushion and the delicacy of the shadow makes for a unique and breath-taking photograph. Bravo!

  3. Wow! I love the shadows – it didn’t need editing . The angle with the light has created really pretty patterns across your thighs. I also like the angle the shot is taken dues to being able to see all the clamp, from both sides. I think it really adds to the picture.

  4. Agreed – the chain shadow on your leg is superb! The contrast of all that cold metal against your warm skin is nice, no?

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