It’s no secret that I love sexy shoes. There was a time when I was crazy about Iron Fist shoes, and back then I have bought quite a couple of pairs. What I love about the Iron Fist shoes are the details. They don’t only take care of the design on the shoe itself, but also on the soles.

Just look at those soothers!

Soothers under my shoes
Iron Fist Soothers…

It’s been quite some years since I bought Iron Fist shoes, ever since I discovered a new brand: Peter Kaiser!

I just don’t wear my shoes enough!

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11 thoughts on “Soothers

  1. Beautiful photo! Lovely colors!
    I keep seeing that image on the underside of the shoes as some sort of buttplug, for some reason.
    But if that was the case no-one would ever wear those shoes outside the house, for fear of scuffing the image off.
    Anyway, very soothing!

  2. I don’t hear my heels enough either…. but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them when I do… and I definitely need to take more pictures of them


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