How Slutty Am/Was I?

Ever since I have read the posts by Cammies after her marriage ended and she called her encounters with men her ‘slutfest’, I had been thinking about my two divorces and whether I actually had slutfests after them.

The first takes me back 27 years, when I became single again after a marriage of just more then two years. I was 22 and had two kids to care for. It took four months for our divorce to be final and in those two months, I was mainly surviving and trying to give my kids a solid base. Eight months after I had left him, I moved to the south of the country and it must have taken a year before I had my first boyfriend. We had a short and steamy relationship, but he was just too young for me. If I remember correctly, he was 3 or 4 years younger than me. I enjoyed the attention, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for. Next I had a fling with one of my superiors, but that didn’t last long either. I think he must have been 10 years my senior, but apparently I could up it a bit more than that. I eventually had a relationship with a man 20 years my senior. Both of us were flattered by the attention we received. He had a younger woman on his side and I loved his mature way of love-making. We had fun together, were good together, but it ended when I was transferred to the middle of the country. He tried to make contact with me two years later when he was in my town, but then I was in a toxic relationship which meant I couldn’t meet him. I had one or two other flings, but as said, it took about a year before I first dated a man after my first divorce.

I think it’s safe to say that after my first marriage ended, no slutfest followed.

With my second divorce I was 36, my kids were both teenagers and didn’t need mom all the time. More so than with the first divorced, I felt like I had dodged a bullet. Even before I left him, but when I already knew my marriage was not what it should be, my attention started turning to other men. I started chatting online and engaged in cyber sex but also met another chatter in real life. Soon after I left my second husband, I hooked up with The Traveler and even gave him a special birthday present when I took a friend with me to his hotel room. More men followed in a very short time span, such as the one I met in his garage, the taxi driver, the one who traveled from a different time zone and whom I spent only a couple of hours with, the one who took many sexy photos of me – all of which we still have, the man I had several lunch dates with and the one with whom I visited the spa and had several orgasms.

I think it’s fair to say that I really had a slutfest after my second marriage ended. And you know what makes all of this even more remarkable? Master T was part of the slutfest. I met him in the same period than I had sex with The Traveler, visited the photographer, fucked during lunch breaks or climaxed in a steam cabin. We fell in love almost immediately, but neither of us were ready to commit. It took us a year and a half to be ready, but in all those time I told Master T everything I was up to. He wanted to know everything. The one thing he didn’t want was that I push him out of my life. He gave me my freedom and loved me for who I am, which was exactly what I needed after having been in two marriages where I tried to conform to the image those men had of who and what their wife should be.

I’ve had more sex partners than the ones I mentioned above, but the others were not part of anything you can call a slutfest. The count has risen to 27 men and 11 women. I know there might be more people who don’t approve of my lifestyle than those who do approve, if they knew about it. Some will describe me as a slut in a negative way and to those I can say: I am a damn happy slut!

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5 thoughts on “How Slutty Am/Was I?

  1. To be described as a “damn happy” is one of life’s great gifts no matter what word follows it. Enjoy your adventures, lovely Rebel, we sure are.

  2. One of the anti-slut messages society gives us sluts is that we shouldn’t go to bed with someone we’ve just met. But feeling that connection and being brave and passionate enough to enact it is what’s started the longest and most seriously relationships of my life. As with you and Master T.

    Sluts know how to live.

    Great piece!

  3. I’ve only had one divorce but as I’ve been documenting via my blog, I’ve had – and am probably still having by most standards – a pretty massive slut fest 🙂
    What I’m looking for has changed but my ongoing exploration of my sexuality hasn’t.
    I love the fact that you met Master T during your exploration. I’ve wondered often whether a few of HE men I’ve met (some via this blog) are really the only ones who will be able to accept me in all of my facets.

  4. When I read the prompt nothing came to mind. After reading yours I could write similar about what occurred after my first marriage. Good, open read. I enjoyed reading it.

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