Tree-Hugger (Reshoot)

When I saw the prompt for this month I immediately knew which image I wanted to use.

At the end of July I shared this image of me leaning against a tree.

Half-naked and leaning against a tree.
When I shared this the first time, it brought back memories and it does again now…

Back then I was caught unprepared, not knowing beforehand that we would be going to the woods and taking pictures there.

I really liked the image (otherwise I wouldn’t have shared it) but when I knew there would be another opportunity to take pictures in the woods, I made sure I was prepared. Master T had a specific scene in mind. I brought my net catsuit and sexy high heels. We found a lovely spot, and there this reshoot was done.

Dressed in a net catsuit and leaning against a tree
Just like the image above, this one brings back memories too… of a different weekend… same lovely couple…

Would love to hear your thoughts on these two images.

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16 thoughts on “Tree-Hugger (Reshoot)

  1. This is incredibly lovely. The sunlight is warm and inviting and you are like a wood nymph waiting for your friends to come into the sunlight to play.

  2. Whilst I like them both, the sunlight in the second one just highlighting your hair whilst the rest of you is slightly shaded is lovely…and fishnets, they get me everytime!

  3. I like them both, but I like the new one even better! It’s nice that you’re hugging a sapling; it it had any sense it’d hug you back! But it’s the light that makes it special. A really _fresh_ photo!

  4. Lucky trees! The curve of your bottom looks so good in that second photo! The light falling on and around you is lovely, and you look so at home in nature.

  5. That’s a lovely pik Marie. At first I just saw you, naked in the woods, then as I made out the catsuit and the heels it became something else.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. This is wonderful. I loved the original but the colours in this are so vibrant, the light is fabulous and you look stunning. Xx

  7. Both of these are good for increasing the blood pressure. 😉 I actually prefer the earlier one. I love the contrast between the colours of woodland and the brightness of what few clothes you have on. 😉

  8. I just love images of naked ladies in the outdoors – “If you go down to the woods today, dee dum dee dum dee dum”

  9. Wonderful choice of both pose and location for these shots! We revisited a couple of outdoor shots this week, also, but our lighting was nowhere near as good as these! ~C

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