LCHF #13: Historical Numbers

Continued from LCHF #12: Changing Numbers Again

In the past two weeks I have more or less maintained my weight and I think this is because of our vacation time, and me eating ‘differently’ than I normally would. Some days I eat only breakfast and dinner, and that definitely has its influence, as has the many times we ate at a restaurant instead of at home.
Or maybe my body just wanted to adjust to the lowest weight in years. Who knows!

During our vacation we were busy clearing out the attic and throwing away things we haven’t seen for years and knew we would never use again. I opened an old notebook and only the first page had something written on it:

Date: 26 July 2005

  • Weight: 66.9kg
  • Hips: 100 cm
  • Thigh R: 58 cm
  • Thigh L: 58.5 cm
  • Waist: 79 cm
  • Over bust: 94 cm

Current measurements after 4 months on a LCHF lifestyle are (23 October 2016):

  • Weight: lost 11kg = 24.3 pounds = 1.7 stone
  • Hips: 115cm (lost 12cm)
  • Thigh R: 65cm (lost 6cm)
  • Thigh L: 65cm (lost 6cm)
  • Waist: 90cm (lost 15cm)
  • Over bust: 101cm (lost 8cm)
  • Under bust: 90cm (lost 7cm)

I don’t think I will reach those 2005 numbers again, as my first weight goal is 80kg and my ultimate goal is 74kg. Back in 2005 I eventually weighed 62kg at the end of October and that was too thin. Okay, I looked stunning in my wedding dress on 1 November 2005, but if I look back on photos of my face of back then, I cannot say I like it. So, 73/74kg is my bottom goal. That is how much I weighed when I met Master T back in 2003.

A week or so ago Master T asked me what my goal is, and I told him. His promise: “When you reach that goal, we’re off to a hotel for at least two nights.”
Now you know how much I like hotel stays, so I will definitely make sure to reach that goal! And, by the time I reach my ultimate goal, I will definitely want to make a series of sexy images and where’s a better place to do that than in a hotel?

Speaking of images… two months ago I promised that I would post a comparison image every two months. I know the difference from the second to the third photo is not as dramatic as that from the first to the second, but I am still very happy with the result!

Three images showing my weight loss progress
Four months weight loss progress…

To be continued… LCHF #14: Three Weeks

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