Being connected is a wonderful thing. From the moment Sophia and I met, I felt some kind of connection, but back then I have never dreamed we would be connected in the way we were in this image. It only gets better…

Double dildo between Sophia and me.
Connected to Sophia… in more ways than one.

© Rebel’s Notes

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20 thoughts on “Connected

  1. That is a seriously hot – and happy – photo!

    I don’t know if you call them courgettes or zucchini where you are, but that there is the luckiest courgette or zucchini in the world!

    (Colour filtering also notable.)

    Great shot!

  2. Oh, oh . . . and oh !!!
    Marie, I LOVE this . . . takes my breath away!
    Naughty, fun . . . and such a sexual image.
    Marie, I LOVE this !!!
    (Oh, the lump in my throat is making me repeat myself!!!)
    Xxx – K

  3. Gorgeous sexy image! I love all the aesthetics, the sepia tones, the contrasts of shading and the point of view. I hope whomever took that picture enjoyed it as much as you two did 😉

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