Sergeant Brute (4)

Continued from… Sergeant Brute (3)

During dinner Lory was more content than she had been in the past three weeks, even though everyone still ignored her. She ate her dinner, grabbed an apple and walked out the mess. She started off in the direction of the edge of the encampment. Lory walked around the camp twice before she returned to her tent. This was their first evening out in the field and there was no formal program they had to follow. Lory set the alarm on her digital watch when she lay down on her stretcher. She wasn’t planning to sleep, but she also didn’t want to fall asleep and miss her date with Sergeant Bruce. She smiled when she closed her eyes and thought of him. He was a muscular man, about a head taller than she was and she felt sexually attracted to him. Maybe not from the start, but definitely from the moment he had pressed his body against hers back in his office. He was totally the opposite from how Peter treated her. Brute – this is how she started calling him in her thoughts- wasn’t afraid to hurt her. He fucked her hard that afternoon and she wanted more of that.

Just before midnight Lory sneaked up the stairs to the door of Sergeant Bruce’s truck. The door opened before she could knock. He was still dressed in his combat pants and boots, but he had replaced his shirt with the same brown T-shirt she was wearing. The moment the door closed behind Lory, he grabbed her and slammed her back against the wall, pinning her hands above her head and her legs between his. Their lips met and they kissed hard. Tongues darted and pushed, teeth bit into lips and breathing got louder. All the while Lory fought against his hold and at last she managed to free her arms. She wanted to escape under his arms, but only managed to trip herself over his legs. Lory landed flat on her stomach. Before she could get up, Sergeant Bruce pinned her down.

“You want to play hard to get, recruit,” he hissed in her ear, “then let’s play.”
He rolled her over onto her back and pulled her T-shirt up. Lory struggled to get away, but he held her tight between his legs. The sergeant pulled her T-shirts over her head, covering her eyes and trapping her arms.
“No bra, recruit. You came all ready, didn’t you?”
Lory sighed when he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked hard. He kneaded her other breast, rolling and pinching the nipple between his fingers. Lory moaned. She bucked her hips, but not hard enough to bump the sergeant off her. She didn’t want to, but she liked the excitement of fighting him.

He pushed one hand between their bodies and unbuttoned her combat pants; managed to push those and her panties down. Lory fought some more, but he was much stronger than she was. He flipped her around again and held her wrists behind her back in one of his big hands, pushing her shoulders to the floor. He pushed her pants down to her ankles and forced his knees between her legs. With her feet bound together by her pants and him between her knees, she had to lift her hips to support herself. This was exactly what Sergeant Bruce wanted. He looked down at her spread pussy, unbuttoned his fly and freed his hard cock. In one smooth movement he entered Lory and fucked her harder than he did that afternoon.
“Oh yes, Brute, fuck me,” Lory moaned, “fuck me please.”
Her words spurred him on. He fucked her hard, not paying any attention to her pleasure, only his own.

Afterward they lay on the floor, side by side.
“Why do you want to leave the army?” Sergeant Bruce asked. Lory noticed that he didn’t call her ‘recruit’ when he asked the question.
“I don’t fit in. I’m not like the other girls.”
“You’re right about not being like the others,” he said, “but I think you can fit right in.”
Lori just looked at him. She had no plan to make an effort to fit in. Leaving the army was still her top priority, after she had had her fun with Sergeant Bruce. She was willing to stay as long as the fun lasted, then she wanted out.
“And how do you think I can fit in?”
“By becoming my personal assistant when I am promoted to staff sergeant next month.”

Lory thought about it for a moment. Going home was not very appealing. She was sure that people were still talking about her broken relationship and if not, the gossip would start again when she returned. But what about staying in the military? How appealing was that? To find an answer to these questions in her mind she turned her head to look at the half naked man next to her.
“Fuck me again so I can make an educated decision,” she said.
With these words Lory swung her leg over his body and straddled him. She slowly lowered herself over his almost erect cock and felt it getting harder as she allowed him to move in and out of her. This time their coupling was more like making love than the raw fucking they did earlier.

Before she left to sneak back to her tent, Sergeant Bruce held her close and kissed her.
“Will you stay?”
She smiled up at him. He seemed a totally different person now than the man who had woken her from her sleep in the truck several hours earlier.
“I might. But only if you make it worth my while.”
Later in bed she smiled to herself, wondering what the female sergeant would say if she knew that Brute had met his match. She pushed her hand between her legs and cupped her pussy. Her last thought before she fell asleep was about the sex she had that day, and the sex she will have in the weeks to come. One thing she knew for sure: she was going to make Brute work for it.


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  1. He Gets Her For The Moment! She Is Plotting For Their Future, Hers, At Least! Love This Series!

  2. “Fuck me again so I can make an educated decision”.. Love this line! Who ever knew combat pants could be sexy. I guess we know who will be on top in this relationship. Good story, Rebel.

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