Sergeant Brute (3)

Continued from… Sergeant Brute (2)

Lory did not speak. She had no idea what to say. Sergeant Bruce walked around her and stopped in front of her again. He looked down at her hard nipples.
“Are you trying to seduce me, recruit? Trying to let me walk into your trap?”
“No, Sergeant. I promise I’m not!”
“And I should believe you?”
“I will do anything to prove it, Sergeant!”
The energy in the room shifted. Lory instantly knew what the sergeant meant by that one word. Her nipples hardened almost to the point where they hurt and her panties were soaked with an unprecedented lust.
“Yes, Si… Sergeant.”

Lory didn’t flinch when his hands covered her breasts and lightly squeezed them. Sergeant Bruce let go of her breasts and walked around to stand behind her one more time. Again he pressed his body against her body. He moved his crotch to and fro, his hard crotch pressing against her hands. Lory moved her fingers to fondle his crotch. The sergeant breathed hard and after a couple of seconds he stepped back.
“Drop your pants, recruit.”
Lory hesitated only for a moment. Lust clouded her judgment. She unbuttoned the combat pants and pushed them down to her knees.
“Push them down to your ankles,” Sergeant Bruce said.
Lory bent over and pushed her pants down to her ankles. Behind her Sergeant Bruce enjoyed the view she gave him on her ass.
“Now do the same with your panties,” he said.
As she bent over, Sergeant Bruce looked at her pussy and saw a hint of wetness glistening on her slit.

Standing at ease, Lory waited for his next command. He did not speak. His hands rested on her upper arms as he helped her to inch forward until her hips touched his desk. Then he pushed her upper body down onto the table, his hand resting between her shoulder blades.
“Let’s see what we have here,” he said as he placed his hands on the soft flesh between her buttocks and thighs. His fingers brushed against her labia as he pulled her flesh sideways. Lory breathed in hard as her pussy lips spread to reveal her wetness. Her legs were trapped in the combat pants, preventing her from spreading her legs. Sergeant Bruce didn’t seem to mind this. He ran his finger through her wetness, from top to bottom, ending at her swollen clitoris. Moving his finger back in the direction it came from, he pushed between her labia and slipped one finger inside her pussy.

Pushing herself up to her tip-toes, Lory invited Sergeant Bruce in. She was surprised when she felt his hard cock pressing against her opening, as she didn’t hear him taking his pants off. Using his fingers he spread her labia, exposing her opening and pushed in. Lory moaned when he pushed all of him deep into her. He pulled back until just the tip of his cock was still in her and then pushed in hard again. Soon he picked up his pace and roughly fucked her, until he slammed in one last time, grunted and climaxed. For seconds they did not move. Lory gasped when he buried his hand in her hair and pulled her up, in the process turning her head so she could see part of his face.
“One word about this and your military career will be over before it even started.”

Lory didn’t answer. She was planning to leave anyway, so his threat did not scare her. She thought about telling him this, but just kept her lips pressed together and looked at him.
“Do you understand, recruit?” the sergeant asked.
Lory pushed back against the sergeant and pulled her hair from his grip. In surprise Sergeant Bruce let go and stepped back. Turning around, Lory lifted herself onto the table and leaned, back, supporting herself with her arms.
“Yes, Sergeant Bruce,” she said in her sweetest voice, while slowly spreading her legs, giving him a full view on her naked crotch.
“I understand, Sergeant Bruce,” Lory continued, “I understand that you are trying to intimidate me. You hope I will tell no one, because I want to make a success of my military career. You see, you could not have done anything to me if I had not allowed it.”
Her voice was still sweet and friendly.
“You see, Sergeant Bruce,” she smiled, “I was planning to ask for an involuntarily administrative discharge tomorrow, but I have changed my mind. You are going to help me to get through my basic training.”

This was the first word Sergeant Bruce spoke since Lory had turned around.
“I don’t care how. As long as you make life easy for me, I won’t say a thing.”
Sergeant Bruce kept quiet. He eyed the female recruit in front of him. Her legs swung to and fro. Her legs were still spread and she seemed totally relaxed. He glanced at her breasts and was surprised to see her round nipples etched against the inside of the T-shirt. She as obviously still excited. Sergeant Bruce stepped forward and blocked the swinging of her legs.
“And just how should I make life easy for you?” he asked.
Lory ran her hands down his chest towards his half hard penis. One hand cupped his balls, the other closed around his member. She pulled him closer and whispered: “I heard they call you Sergeant Brute and I want to experience the reason for that. Go easy on me during the day and be the brute they say you are on the evenings I come to your office.”

The sergeant didn’t answer. He closed his eyes, not only enjoying the feeling of her hands, but also wondering how he got himself in this situation. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights when he found her asleep in the truck on arrival. He thought she would be easy prey, but now the young doe was putting up a fight.
“I know you don’t want your career ruined,” Lory spoke again, “and I don’t care one bit about mine. So,” she leaned back, pulled up her T-shirt and bra and exposed her breasts, “I wonder: do we have a deal?”
“Yes, we do,” he agreed, his eyes fixated on her nipples, his cock rigid and hard, ready to fuck her again.

Lory quickly pulled her shirt down, sat up and pushed him backward. She hopped off the desk pulled up her panties and pants up and buttoned the combat pants after she had tucked her T-shirt back in.
“I will be back at midnight,” she said and walked toward the door.
“Dismissed, recruit,” Sergeant Bruce said in an attempt to regain control of the situation. Lory looked back at him and giggled. There was no authority in his words, especially since his pants were still halfway down his thighs and his hard-on pointed upward. She opened the door and stepped out, leaving Sergeant Bruce behind in confusion.

To be continued… Sergeant Brute (4)

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  1. I. Love. This. He thought he’d take advantage of her, and the tables are turned. I love a good twist, and I LOVE that she’s going to get what she wants (or at least I hope so, lol).

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