Sergeant Brute (2)

Continued from… Sergeant Brute (1)

Sergeant Bruce instantly turned around, not waiting for an answer. What Lory didn’t know was that he felt his cock twitch in his rigid army pants. Her big hazel eyes looking up at him when he poked her and her lips half open moved him in an unprofessional way.
“It seems you need a reminder of protocol, recruit,” he barked over his shoulder before he jumped off the truck to the ground. Turning around and looking up at her, he spoke again: “You will be in my office an hour before dinner tonight!”
Without waiting for an answer, he turned around and disappeared out of sight. Perplexed Lory stood in the truck for a couple of seconds and then she too jumped to the ground and started looking for the other women of her squad. Why have they not woken me? Will I ever fit in? Will they ever accept me?

Lory was settled in the tent she shared with the other members of her squad. Since she was later than the rest, she had to take the only stretcher that was left – the one closest to the tent opening. This was not a comfortable place, since every breath of air rushed over whoever slept there, and at night that can be quite cold, even if the tent flap was closed. But Lory didn’t care. Her fellow squad members clearly did not accept her. While she unrolled her sleeping bag and unpacked her duffel to put her clothes in the steel trunk next to the stretcher, a thought formed in her head: maybe it was time to end this adventure. The thought saddened her, but not having someone to talk to and share experiences with, would be worse than accepting that her military adventure was a mistake.

Half an hour before she was due to go to Sergeant Bruce’s office, Lory walked up to one of the female sergeants, halted, clicked her boots together and stood at attention, her arms pressed tight next to her body.
“Sergeant, may I ask a question?” Lory asked.
“Go ahead, recruit,” the sergeant said, her voice friendly.
“Can you direct me to Sergeant Bruce’s office?”
“Why do you want to know that?”
“I have been ordered to go to his office because I called him ‘sir’,” Lory explained.
“Ah!” the sergeant said. There was a an indeterminable tone in her voice. Lory listened as the sergeant explained where she had to go and as she turned around she thought she heard the sergeant muttering softly: “So Brute’s at it again.” But, when Lory looked back, the sergeant had already turned around and taken off in the opposite direction. Lory wasn’t even sure anymore that those were the words that were spoken.

Exactly an hour before dinner, Lory walked up the steps and stood at the closed door of Sergeant Bruce’s command truck. Each of the sergeants had a truck that served both as office and living quarters. The trucks formed the four corners of the encampment. Lory knocked on the door.
She opened the door and stepped into the truck. The inside was one big space that was almost completely filled with a huge, ebony wood desk and an old, deep office chair. Sergeant Bruce was in the chair, his feet up on the table. Lory closed the door behind her, walked up to the desk and stood at attention. She paid extra attention to her posture, her chest out, stomach in, her chin up and her eyes fixed on a spot on the wall behind the sergeant.

Sergeant Bruce did not move. What Lory did not know was that he had a perfect site on her full round breasts and that her half-hard nipples showed faintly through the brown T-shirt she was wearing. All recruits were dressed in combat pants, brown T-shirts and black combat boots.
“At ease,” he said and a devilish grin appeared on his face. Lory did not see this as she was still staring at the wall. She spread her feet shoulder-wide and clasped her hands behind her back. Her nipples pushed harder against the brown fabric. Slowly Sergeant Bruce got up and walked around the table. He stood behind Lory and adjusted his erection in his pants. Sergeant Bruce took two steps forward and pressed his body against Lory’s. She was too afraid to move. Not once did she think of this as inappropriate behavior. All she could think about was to proof to Sergeant Bruce that she knew more about the military protocol than he gave her credit for.

“So you have a problem with the military protocol, don’t you, recruit?” Sergeant Bruce said in a soft voice, right at her ear, his body still pressing into hers.
“No, Sergeant, I just fell asleep and no one woke me when we arrived,” Lory answered. She felt his crotch pressing against her hands. Her nipples hardened at the thought of his excitement.
“You say I’m lying, recruit?” he asked.
“No, Sergeant, but I…”
Lory kept quiet. She heard the sergeant’s breathing right behind her and still felt his body against hers, his erection pressed against her hands. Involuntarily her fingers twitched, pressing against the sergeant’s cock. A blush raised to her cheeks while a drop of wetness escaped her pussy.

“What do you think you’re doing, recruit?” the sergeant asked. Before Lory could answer he continued in an ominous voice.
“Making a pass at me? What do you think? If you make a pass at me and I act on it, you can report me for sexual intimidation?”
“No, sergeant. I’m sorry, it was…”
“So now you’re sorry?”
He moved away from her and appeared in front of her, his face only millimeters removed from hers.
“You’re sorry, and I should believe that? I don’t think so, recruit! You women are all the same. You say you’re sorry, you didn’t mean it like that and then you report me anyways. No, recruit, you will have to come with something better than that.”

To be continued… Sergeant Brute (3)

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