True Blood

Well helloooooooo!

It has been far too long since I have been here the last time. I kept on meaning to tell you stories, but I was so busy that I just didn’t get around to telling them. Busy? Yes. Busy with… erm… uh… well… you know… erm… skeleton things! I like to tell but don’t expect me to tell you everything!

Wayyyy back, more than a year back, I touched on the subject of blood. Only touched…

First signs of blood...
First signs of blood…

This time I want to tell you about a night where I didn’t only watch the blood appear on Rebel’s bottom, but I also watched the reactions of the people they were with.

Last year in the autumn, Rebel and her Master T spent a weekend with another couple. To say the least, I think Rebel is in love with the woman. No, I don’t only think so, I know it too. And, the woman quite fancies Rebel too. But, to get back to the point. There was some sexy fun that weekend and I got to watch.

One of those evenings, Master T told Rebel to bend over. He held the vampire paddle in his hand. Once Rebel was in position, he started. Slow at first, but he gradually increased the speed. Smack on the right cheek. Smack on the left. Smack right, smack left. Rebel moaned, but I knew she enjoyed it. She likes bleeding for her Master.

Skelly loves red!
I love red!

Master T stopped after a few series of smacks on her bottom, then continued again. The sound gradually changed from a smack to a splash. It’s difficult to describe, but one moment you hear that the paddle bounced off her bottom, the next it was like some kind of suction-sound, or as if the paddle was dipped in water and then used to smack Rebel’s bottom. You could hear the wetness and I knew as well as Rebel and her Master did: he had drawn blood. He carried on smacking her for several minutes more before stopping.

Her bottom was bright red… truly red… true blood. A beautiful sight!

Master T invited the other woman to look. When she saw it an expression of pain spread across her face. She winced at the sight of Rebel’s bottom and almost looked like she wanted to cry, until Rebel assured her that it looked worse than it felt. Rebel’s smile convinced the woman and it was sweet and sexy to watch them hug and kiss. Rebel had to be careful not to get blood everywhere, so stayed on her knees. I jumped at the opportunity to closely inspect that lovely red color.

Rebel went to clean her bottom and indeed, with all blood gone and only the tiny holes remaining, it looked a lot less dramatic.

Red sure is a beautiful color, don’t you think?

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  1. I just adore my, well his, vampire gloves but I’m not sure I could stand a vampire paddle. It looks beautiful though!

  2. beautifully written. that vampire paddle sounds a little on the scary side though.

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