The Talker: The First Date (3)

Continued from… The Talker: The First Date (2)

Something I knew would happen this afternoon was anal play. The Talker told me to lean my upper body on the dining table in the room and to spread my legs. I was still wearing the high heels that Master T expected me to wear, but standing with my legs spread wearing heels had never been comfortable, and even less so since I hurt my ankles. I asked whether I could take them off and Master T gave permission.
“Finally naked,” The Talker said.

What followed was a mixture of sensations. The Talker had chosen a ruler from the cabinet and marked my ass with it. So much so that I had a blue-ish spot on my bottom that evening. But, The Talker also prepared my ass for one of my plugs. He used lube and pushed one finger inside me, then another one. The plug followed. The ruler continued to kiss my ass, but inbetween The Talker pushed and turned the plug. This is a sensation I don’t like. I have really tried to like it before, but this afternoon just confirmed that I don’t like it. I don’t mind being plugged, but using the plug to fuck me or turning the plug around inside me just isn’t a sensation I like. Of course I could’ve used my safeword, but I didn’t because I tried to like the sensation. What followed was more or less horrific.

The Talker pulled the plug out, walked to the bathroom and came back with toilet paper. He pushed some toilet paper between my cheeks and at this moment I still didn’t know why. Then he said: “go clean yourself up.”
I still didn’t realize what was going on… it was only in the bathroom that I discovered that it really was a mess. And I’m not talking about the lube. The fact that The Talker didn’t freak out was the only thing that kept me from freaking out and putting a stop to the date.

Tied to a chair
Bondage tape works as well as rope…

We were not done yet. The Talker had more in stall. He put a chair in the middle of the room and told me to sit down. He first taped my ankles to the legs of the chair and my arms to the sides of the backrest of the chair. A blindfold covered my eyes and then the torture with the Doxy started. He put the vibrations on and soon I was asking for permission to orgasm. It was granted and then the vibrations were increased. I think they were on the highest setting, but no matter what setting it was on, I begged for it to stop. The sensations were overwhelming and my body couldn’t cope. Or maybe my body could cope, but my mind couldn’t because of a sensory overload.

Before he loosened the bondage tape to free me, The Talker put the clover clamps on my pussy lips. Again I moaned and squirmed and tears formed behind the blindfold – tears that yet again escaped after the blindfold was removed. And yes, again I felt the urge to sob. Why? I still have no idea. Maybe I just need a session where pain is built up to a crescendo and where relief is found not only in orgasms, but also in pain and tears.

We were nearing the grand finale, the moment where The Talker would work towards his own release, with a little help from me. It started with me kneeling between his legs and sucking him from being fully soft to getting harder in my mouth to being ready to fuck me. I thought he would just come in my mouth, but he later told me that he rarely comes from a blow job. This was new to me, as I naively thought that a man always comes from a blow job. How wrong I was. Before we moved to the bed where he could fuck me, he grabbed his balls and more or less squeezed just above them.
“I want you to grab my balls like this and hold on while I fuck you.”
I nodded my agreement and got onto the bed, on my knees. He entered me from behind just after I had grabbed his balls. It was quite a strain to reach him properly and over and over his balls slipped from my hand. Eventually The Talker fucked me while I lay on my side, then on my back. He moved onto his back and started wanking himself.

“When I tell you I am about to come I want you to swallow everything. Don’t you dare spill one drop.”
He continued wanking himself. I lowered my head to lick his balls. It took quite a while before The Talkers moans told me he was getting closer to his orgasm. I waited for the moment he would tell me to swallow and when it came, I took him in his mouth and I didn’t spill one drop.

But, I wasn’t done yet. Master T called me over to him. I kneeled between his legs and took his half-hard cock in my mouth. It didn’t take long for him to get fully hard and climax in my mouth.

Just more than four hours after we entered the room, the three of us left to have drinks downstairs. We had a nice time – a nice date – and I am sure another date will follow. As The Talker and I get to know each other better, we will learn more about each other’s bodies and preferences too. The Talker is one of my ‘lovers’, but I also consider him a friend and like to talk to him as much as he likes to talk during our sexy encounters.

To be continued… Reflection on the date

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