The Talker: The First Date (2)

Continued from… The Talker: The First Date (1)

Master T told The Talker that I am multi-orgasmic.

Another orgasm was denied, but then finally, I was allowed one. I am used to my first orgasm being quite wet, but this one wasn’t. Probably because I was already denied some. I told The Talker that I was going dry and he poured some lube on the glass dildo. This worked and my next orgasm was a bit wetter. I have no idea how many orgasms were denied or allowed after this, but I started longing for something more to happen. I wanted The Talker to touch me; to interact more. Maybe he noticed something, because he got up and walked to the cabinet again but I couldn’t see what toy or implement he chose.

He kneeled next to my face.
“Are you imagining sucking my cock now?”
I nodded.
“You would like to have it in your mouth, don’t you, dirty girl?”
I nodded again. He continued repeating the same thing and then he turned towards my lower half. I felt his fingers on my labia and thought he was going to frig my clitoris, but the next thing I knew it hurt. He had hit me with one of the smaller leather paddles Master T had brought with him. Over and over he pulled my lips apart and struck my tender bits, aiming for my clitoris and succeeding a couple of times. I was still fucking myself with the glass dildo and some orgasms were allowed.

A glass dildo in a pussy and a leather strap on my clitoris.
The Talker tortured me with a leather strap, striking my clitoris over and over again.

The searing pain of the leather strap hitting my clitoris had me in tears. Not sobbing, but tears escaping at the corner of my eyes. Inside I felt like sobbing, but I didn’t want to just let go of the tears. I didn’t want my tears to ruin our date. I didn’t know how The Talker would react to that, and frankly, the pain was not that intense that it should leave me sobbing. The feeling that I wanted to sob probably came from some kind of stress release after some very busy weeks.

We stopped for a while to drink some water. It was incredibly hot in the room. The humidity outside had seeped into the room and we were all sweating. I lay down again after I had a drink and the torture with the strap continued. But, a bit of torture was added. The Talker walked away and came back with the clover clamps in his hand.
“I hate those. I hate them!”
“Oh no, you love them,” Master T said.
“No, I hate them!
“You’re going to feel them,” The Talker said and instantly I felt the searing pain on my right nipple. The left followed soon after.

I hate those fuckers! My eyes were shut, my face pulled in a grimace of pain. Even more so when The Talker took the chain in his hand. Now the clover clamps hurt. They always hurt. With other clamps the pain seem to stop and then it only hurts when the clamps are removed. Not with the clover clamps. They hurt when they’re put on, they hurt while they’re on and they hurt when they’re taken off. They just always hurt. As The Talker gently tugged the chain I cringed. I wanted the clamps to be taken off. I wanted them gone. I hate them. Tears formed in my eyes again and just like earlier, I wanted to sob. Tears formed in my eyes. The Talker took the clamps off, not because he saw my tears though. It was only after the clamps were off that I looked at Master T, blinked and the tears rolled over my cheeks.

The glass dildo was still in my pussy, but being focused on the pain in my nipples, an orgasm was far away. Writing this it makes me think about sessions with Master T where I had so many orgasms and was so horny that I actually asked for the clamps. I didn’t hate them that much then, even though they hurt just as much. I guess I need to be very horny to handle the clamps properly. But, I digress… The Talker used the leather strap on my pussy again, making me squirm and moan. It didn’t last long this time. He told me to sit up. I pulled the dildo out, put it on the table and had a drink. The three of us talked for a couple of minutes.

“Clean the dildo,” The Talker said.
I reached for the dildo and wanted to get up.
“Sit down and clean it.”
For a moment I was baffled, but then I understood. I always thought that I would never be able to do this, but there I was, licking and sucking my juices from the dildo. I tasted myself.
“Good slut,” The Talker said and touched my cheek. He took the dildo from me and pushed his hand in my hair to pull me closer to him. His hand grabbed my breast and his fingers slipped to my nipple to pinch me. Hard. I moaned.

“Kneel there, in front of the chair,” he said.
I got up, walked to the other side of the room and did what he asked. What followed was a lot of hair pulling and whipping with a whip that had never been used before. It’s made of the inner tube of a bicycle tire. I liked the feel of it, and even more so when the Doxy was pushed against my pussy. The constant vibrations soon had me begging for an orgasm and it was granted. Whipping Doxy, hair pulling and orgasms… I loved the combination!

To be continued… The Talker: The First Date (3)

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