Pink Point

During our date with The Talker, I lost one of my inner labia piercings. Two weeks later we went to the piercing shop to have it replaced, because there is just no way for me to do it myself. Now, if you remember, I had a lovely star on my clitoral hood piercing, and where I really liked it, I had many uncomfortable moments with that twinkly star. So, when I had the inner labium piercing replaced, I also had the star replaced, with a bright pink jewel. I am back to fully enjoying the piercing, instead of having moments where it irritated me.

The new pink-jeweled ball on my clitoral hood piercing.
I love the view… do you?

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16 thoughts on “Pink Point

  1. That’s a really pretty piece of jewelry, and I love the little shadow behind it. Labia piercings are super hot! Yes, a perfect view. 🙂

  2. Lovely view and the new bling is lovely as well. I admire you for getting the piercing. I’m such a chicken when it comes to some body piercings … I do miss my tongue piercing 🙁

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