Did I Orgasm?

“I will take the photos when you have showered,” Master T said on Saturday morning.
We had plans to go out later on the afternoon but the morning was lazy and relaxed. It was cloudy outside, but the sun broke through halfway through the afternoon. Whether it was the ‘friendlier’ light outside or just because it was time, that was the moment when I decided that I would go upstairs to take a shower.

After my shower I quickly dressed in a net catsuit, since that was what Master T wanted me to wear for the photos.
“Now that looks good,” he said when he entered the room. I smiled and asked which shoes I should wear. He chose a colorful pair from my collection. Photos were taken – in front of the window with the sunny outside as a nice backdrop.
“Lie down on the bed, on your front.”
I did.
“Pull up your legs and cross your ankles. Yes, like that.”
More photos were taken, from both sides.
“Now spread your legs. Uncross your ankles.”
Again I heard the clicking of the camera, this time only from one side of the bed.

As I lay there, my legs spread, my pussy exposed through the open crotch of the catsuit, I realized how horny I was. My pussy had a heartbeat of its own and that heartbeat made my breathing low and shallow. I was still thinking about wanting to be touched, when Master T’s finger entered my hole. His finger moved in and out a couple of times and then slipped towards my clitoris. It circled my clitoris a couple of times before he slipped a finger inside me a again, but kept another finger on my clitoris. It didn’t take long for me to ask permission for an orgasm.
“Come for me,” he said.

A second orgasm followed and when he continued to take more photos, I yearned for his touch again. Master T told me to stand in front of the closet, where more photos were taken. After he placed the camera on the bed, he pushed me against the closet. We kissed. His hand disappeared between my legs again and another orgasm followed.
“Get dressed,” he said and soon after left the room.

I first had to undress before I could put my proper clothes on. I also still had to put my make-up on. I took off the catsuit and then grabbed my make-up bag. My eye fell on the Womanizer Pro and I thought: ‘why not?’
With the mouth of the toy over my clitoris and buzzing on the lowest setting, I walked to closet mirror on the other side of the room. Because the toy soon needed to be charged again, the vibrations were nice but just a bit too low, so I switched it to the second setting. I put foundation on my face and turned around to get my eyeliner. Since I had already had a couple of orgasms, I thought that I could handle a higher setting of the toy, without it sending me over the edge.

I turned it up to the fourth vibration setting and turned back to the mirror to get some color on my eyes. I started drawing a greenish line on my left upper eyelid, while enjoying the buzzing between my legs. It sent shivers down my spine and the thought damn, this is nice crossed my mind. My eyes flashed to my nipples as I felt them hardening with the sensations traveling through my body. My hand went to my right upper eyelid to draw a similar greenish line there, but my hand stopped mid-air as all nerve-endings in my body seem to spring to attention. It tingled is my back, in my calves, on my arms, in my pussy, my upper legs, my tummy… all over. It wasn’t really a tingling or shivers. It was as if all my nerves reacted to that one spot of my body. I tried to concentrate on my make-up, but I couldn’t. The sensations were intense, demanding all my attention and they increased in strength.

I have experienced full-body orgasms before, but they always included a contraction of my pussy and left me with a feeling of not wanting to be touched afterwards. This was different. The sensations engulfed every fiber of my body and must have continued for two to three minutes before finally subsiding. I switched the toy to the lowest setting, which felt perfectly fine.

I lifted my hand back to my eye to continue doing my make-up. With my make-up done, I stood looking at myself in the mirror.

Did I orgasm?

I still don’t know.

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