LCHF #9: A Bad Week

Continued from: LCHF #8: An Average Day

This has been one bad week!

I gained weight. Half a kilo.

But, I am definitely not worried about it, and that is not the reason why I say that it has been a bad week. It is related though. Let me explain…

On Sunday last week I got a massive headache. It started with dizziness, then white spots in front of my eyes, which disappeared half an hour later, but then the pain was everywhere in my head. I first took some paracetamol, but later on the evening I took some over-the-counter migraine meds ans went to bed. On Monday my headache was bad. I was at work but damn, I wish I was in my bed. For the first time in years I came home and went to bed. Somehow the dark room helped to soothe me. About an hour later I came downstairs for dinner and the rest of the evening my headache was bearable. On Tuesday I had a dull feeling in my head, not painful but it was as if my head was filled with fuzz. Wednesday was the same. On Thursday the headache got much worse and again I saw white spots everywhere and making it difficult to see the numbers I was working on. Then the spots disappeared, light nausea started and on the edge of my sight everything flashed, danced and blurred. I decided to go to the doctor. Since I have no history of migraine and I told him that I normally blame my low blood pressure for heavy headaches, he diagnosed me with a tension headache, saying that the muscles in my neck are too tight. He gave me a combination of tramadol and paracetamol which I have to take until my headache is gone. I still have a headache…

I got on the scale during the week and noticed that I have gained weight, and of course this morning I got on the scale again. Last week I weight 86.4 kilograms, today I weigh 86.9 kilograms. I had an idea why I ‘gained’:

Several types of medication are known to cause fluid retention including hormone treatments such as the Pill and HRT, over the counter painkillers such as paracetamol and aspirin, steroids and blood pressure medications.

In the past week I ate nothing that I shouldn’t have and every day I was withing the limits of the amount of carbs I am allowed. So the above must be the clarification for the ‘gain’. Hopefully I can stop with the meds soon and I will be back on track with this weight loss journey.

For now I want to share one of my favorite lunches with you: omelet with smoked salmon.


  • 2 eggs
  • tablespoon water
  • salt
  • pepper
  • chili powder
  • butter
  • 50g cream cheese
  • 80-100g smoked salmon


  • An omelet wrap with smoked salmon and cream cheese.
    Lunch: Omelet with smoked salmon and cream cheese (3g carbs)

    Break the eggs into a large mug, add the water, salt, pepper and chili powder (not too much!) and mix well with a fork.

  • Melt butter in a frying pan. Use enough butter to make sure the omelet doesn’t stick to the pan.
  • Pour the mixture in the pan and allow the omelet to cook on a low heat.
  • When the omelet is done, slip it out of the pan onto a plate and let it cool down entirely.
  • Spread the cream cheese thinly on the cold omelet.
  • Cover the omelet with smoked salmon.
  • Carefully roll the omelet like a wrap.
  • You can choose to eat it immediately, or roll it in tinfoil and put it in the fridge to eat for lunch teh following day (I always make it the night before and eat it for lunch at my work the next day. It’s delicious!)

To be continued… LCHF #10: A Much Better Week

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