No More

It just seems right that I should write this post, since I also wrote a post when I started my Instagram account.

You see… my Instagram account is no more…

Four photos as a puzzle
These photos were once used on Instagram


Let me explain.

I started Instagram as a means to draw more attention to my blog, but also because I loved to have a place where I could share quick snapshots at any time of the day. I enjoyed this, until I got a message on my phone: Your Facebook friend So-and-So is now using Instagram.

I freaked.

You see, the Facebook friend was someone from my “real life” Facebook. My Instagram account wasn’t even connected to my Facebook. I blocked So-and-So and went through a list of suggested friends and blocked everyone that was on my vanilla Facebook. So I thought. A couple of weeks later I got the same kind of message again. This time about another “real life” friend who created an Instagram account. This time I stayed calm and blocked the person. But, I also started searching for the reason why I got these messages. Master T told me why, but I wanted to see it black on white. I never found it.

But, it got me thinking about Instagram.

You see, I have gotten to a point where I don’t mind if people discover my blog by accident and recognize me, but I am not handing it to them on a platter. If I get messages about “real life” Facebook friends who have Instagram accounts, I am sure they also get messages about me using Instagram and then they were pointed to my rebelsnotes Instagram account. Another thought was that even though I used lots of hashtags to try and get followers, I still only has about 60 followers, even though I was using Instagram for some months already. A last thought was that it was yet another platform I had to remember to update. In the last weeks I have been all about making things easier for myself and having to keep up with the Instagram account was not really ‘making things easier’.

Apparently the only reason how Facebook could ‘expose’ me like this is because I used both Instagram and Facebook on my phone. Even the fact that I used two different email addresses didn’t help. Crawlers on my phone told Facebook that I am using Instagram and Facebook chose to tell the world. So, just like I use one browser to do things I do under my birth name and another browser for things I do under my chosen name, my phone is now only for ‘birth name things’. Except for Twitter…

So, I decided to stop with Instagram. Not entirely, because I still have my “real life” Instagram, which I use for everyday images and obviously I don’t mind if that account is suggested to my “real life” Facebook friends. All I did was to delete my rebelsnotes Instagram account.

And, to be entirely honest… I much rather like sharing my boob pics over here than having to hide nipples and aureoles because Instagram forbid those…


Net body stocking and boobs
Covering one breast Instagram style; showing the other Rebel style…


© Rebel’s Notes

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7 thoughts on “No More

  1. I have an Instagram account, I think. I really should look into that. I tried to claim as many social media accounts as I could under my Stella pseudonym so that others couldn’t use it. I did that after someone started a Gmail account using my name and had no recourse to get them to stop. Even if I don’t actually use the account I know that I’ve claimed it and nobody else can.

    Btw, I love your blog and your boobs. 😉

  2. I am plodding on with IG. It is mainly annoying and I suspect eventually I will get deleted but until that time I think I will continue. It has made me use my phone camera a lot more which has been interesting. However like you I love my blog the best (and Twitter too) because there I can post what ever the hell I like

    @Sassycat FB and IG are owned by the same people, Twitter is a completely different company.


  3. Very nice shot :-).I do not use instagram but from what I read here I wont be using it.all the apps are connected one each other.they have full access to contacts on the phone your. Own number and with android to your Gmail address.everything is there.i noticed the conection with pinterest suggestions… way to get rid of it unless you do not use anything.Sad…….but glad we have you through your blog :-).

  4. Oh good, I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes to all those lengths to keep this world separate from “real life.” Multiple browsers, different email addresses, and anxiety – yep, we’re sex bloggers, lol. I have IG for the vanilla side but like you, the last thing I need on this side of things is one more thing to update and keep track of. Oh, and very pretty areola- glad you don’t have to edit those out anymore. 😉

  5. I could go on & on about IG. Ugh. I really hate it more than I like it. So full of cliques. I could never understand how some “adult” photos received over 1200 likes and the photo was shit. I stopped using so many hashtags, because of the way IG is set up now a photo only gets seconds to be viewed. It then disappears down the IG hole.
    I now know that our phones “listen” to us, making connections like what you experienced. And it didn’t help that Facebook & IG & Twitter are all owned by one company. I try to be careful connecting my social media accts now because of all the connections being made.
    I’m glad you worked it all out for the best for your situation. ?

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