Special Friend, Sophia

I have written about her before and posted images of us together, but up to now I haven’t given her a name. Today I do.

I stumble out of the bedroom, still not quite awake. My eyes seem to have trouble focusing and while rubbing one of them, I walked into the kitchen to switch on the kettle. Tea, that’s what I need!
“Good morning, beautiful,” a cheery voice greets me.
Only now I see her: Sophia. Beautiful Sophia.
“Morning,” I say, “did you sleep well?”
“Like a baby. And you?”
I nod. She has a smile on her face. Her eyes are fixed on my face and for a moment I divert my eyes, feeling naked under the intensity of her gaze. I look back at her and melt. That’s what this woman does to me. She melts me. Her demeanor is so tender, so loving and oh so fucking sexy. I have never wanted a woman as much as I wanted her. From the first moment I have met her, I was intrigued.

We are drawn closer. I hug her, lean into her and breathe her in. Her arms are warm on my skin, her hands touch the top curve of my bottom. I pull away slightly so I can look at her. Our eyes lock and something happens. Something I cannot explain and don’t want to explain. I only want to enjoy. We kiss softly, lips on lips. A soft kiss. Our eyes close. We exist in the moment, making it last longer. When we pull apart, our arms still locked around each other, we both smile. Our foreheads touch, and still we smile.

We know.

There’s promise for more. Later. After brunch, and maybe even only after dinner or tomorrow. We are in no hurry.

Sophia and me in the woods
Sophia’s hands, my body…
(October 2015)

And there was more…

What I wrote above was what happened on our first morning together in October last year. More happened than our good morning kiss…

Not only that weekend in October last year, but also the weekend at the end of last month. She has a special place in my heart, Sophia. She’s beautiful and tender and friendly and special and yes, I am in love with her. Not a frenzied love, but a content feeling, knowing she’s there and that she likes spending time with me too. She’s a friend. A special one. Not a friend with benefits. She’s far more special than that.

Twice now we have spent weekends together, as couples. Both those weekends were filled with promise. Another weekend will happen, maybe even before the end of this year. We will deliver on the promises we have made. Unspoken and spoken promises.

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  1. Wonderful and so happy that you have found a special female friend that you, I know, have wanted for so long.

    Velvet x

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